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multiple hackers and trolls

Someone has been a bad boy?

multiple hackers and trolls

Postby luftwaffles » Fri May 22, 2020 5:18 am

You have two guys who are mapping/no fog on Caen right now. Test01 as usual using maphacks and BFSoldier (ping 34) using them more blatantly. No matter which direction you approach from he knows you are coming and fires before the fog lifts. BF also firing with a tank into bases far beyond eyesight.

Test01 then goes around attacking teammates that call him out for hacking. Damaging the vehicles to 1% before they leave the base.

Tohsdaemoob is doing his usual trolling. He's attacking the allied main nonstop, and running over teammates mines on purpose. I feel bad cause he got Maguiver BR banned for negative score, and admitted to it, meanwhile he should have been permabanned a year ago.

All this in 30 minutes of gameplay tonight
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Re: multiple hackers and trolls

Postby ComradeIvanKovolot » Tue May 26, 2020 4:50 pm

    Appreciate the reporting Luft - I hope someday we can clean out the wanktards.

    I can vouch that Tohsdaemoob is always basesniping and breaking rules with impunity.

    Test01 is harder for me - he has amazing scores, but he is also an excellent player, flyer, tanker, etc. I have only rarely if ever seen him break rules. But if you saw that, he needs the boot.
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