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Update 15-08-19 Server being monitored ! :)

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Update 15-08-19 Server being monitored ! :)

Postby DeadlySquirrel » Tue Aug 06, 2019 7:10 pm

After a vacation or whatever the reason was but we now had an actual admin here. If you know who he was fine, let him play and he is making it playable as he sees it. When El Al came up I was dreading what was about to happen...then there ..in chat .. kdis# and poof out on his butt ..to come back, apologize and play like an guest should. The game ended with 410 blue tickets 418 red. Close game. Thanks, I hope I see more games like this.

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Multiple players WALL GLITCHING... like as if they are a computer hacker... this is a simple FLAW in the game. It is there and wont "just happen".. they have to take an easy step to get there... once there they can kill opposing players but cannot be killed by other team... U N P L A Y A B L E .

There are other servers.. I don't know why 64 players go to AX... There are other servers go there until this bullshit is stopped.....
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Re: Update 15-08-19 Server being monitored ! :)

Postby luftwaffles » Sun Sep 08, 2019 9:38 pm

There was an admin on today. He wouldn't talk when I tried to ask a question.

He kicked a bunch of trolls, including people who have a dozen complaints here in the forum.

Alot of those people deserve bans but instead he just slapped them on the wrist.
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Re: Update 15-08-19 Server being monitored ! :)

Postby Horza » Mon Sep 09, 2019 3:51 pm

One hour before you wrote this post it was unplayable on the server on Gazala. Hacker "BFSoldier" ping 31 (no name post on abuse reports) was here to pixelshooting only. 4 players were glitching both of airfields
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