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No further reports from Ivan...

Someone has been a bad boy?

No further reports from Ivan...

Postby ComradeIvanKovolot » Mon Jul 13, 2020 5:04 am

* The last remaining AX admin that shows up, Robert, under name Beta today, and other Greek letters other days, doesn't act on any of the rule breakers that I report. We used to have a good, trusting relationship. But somehow, we lost that. :|

* Since in game reports have no result, and these forum reports seem to have no result, I'm done with reporting altogether. :roll:

* So FWIW, the Simple server is looking more and more enticing from this perspective - there always seems to be at least 1 admin on, they are very receptive to player reports of abuse. Also, they've got some awesome additional maps - Coral Sea, Battle of Britain, Kursk. The only downside is their pro-Nazi, anti-semitic text messages that come up occasionally - "Hitler didn't want war", "international jewry", etc. There also seems to be a US based server - The Great Escape. Maybe I'll finally have a sub-150 ms ping! :mrgreen:

* I'll still be on AX though - lots of awesome and fun players there!
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