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Terminator friendly bombing POW on Iwo...

Someone has been a bad boy?

Terminator friendly bombing POW on Iwo...

Postby ComradeIvanKovolot » Sun May 17, 2020 4:48 pm

... I have no idea why, but Terminator seemed to decide that it was "unfair" for the POW to shoot Japs on the mountain, the last flag they had left. This is the end game scenario for Iwo for 100s of rounds. So Terminator in Allies SBD starts loop bombing POW captained by me. As I wonder which Jap defgun or tank is taking health, I see the blue SBD on radar bombing POW.

Thanks to a great team of AA gunners, wrenches, and moving the ship around, we managed to repair in time and shoot Terminator down. I think Terminator has been reported before. I don't know why he goes postal like this.

Thanks to Deckhard and others for noticing this. Some kind of discipline please for Terminator.
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