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Squirrel tk'ing, Test01 hacking

Someone has been a bad boy?

Squirrel tk'ing, Test01 hacking

Postby luftwaffles » Tue May 05, 2020 6:18 am

Playing on El Alemain as axis and I noticed an axis soldier was inside allies main. I told the allies, hey theres a guy in there. He killed a few, and pissed off Squirrel who was an Ally. Squirrel then came to axis and said, fine im going to tk all of you. Well the dumbass only got me, and tk'd me 5 times in a row.

He would disconnect after each tk before he could get kicked.

Also the server is getting unplayable again. Test01 is a mapper with no fog and constantly racks up 4 times the other players kills.
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