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When the HELL is Falcon9R getting banned??

Someone has been a bad boy?

Re: When the HELL is Falcon9R getting banned??

Postby Shadowdogkgb » Sat Mar 28, 2020 7:38 am

Creamy Goodness wrote:He switched 3 times (stacking twice) within 10 minutes a few days ago on Gazala when he wasn't getting enough of his precious points (competition at the B1 airfield was too hard for his bail & nade with med kit approach). He went on to accuse me and others (including Ominous) of cheating. Apparently I can zook around corners now. Sweet! Ominous can take 3 grenades and survive, the damn cheater! :lol:

It's hard to tell if he's actually serious or if he's trolling sometimes because he can get so ridiculous when things don't go his way. The text is easy enough to ignore but when he switches teams constantly and upsets the balance by stacking it can help spoil the game.

"Too many cheaters on this team!" - switches. "Everyone but me cheats! I'm the only real player here!" etc :roll:

Bwahaha Creamy totally gets it. I wasn't going to post here anymore but I had say this. Ya'll think it's just some trivial little bullshit. Everytime you play with Falcon it's like he's slapping you in the face with his dick. Ya'll just don't get it. Hey Creamy take notice if you still go on ax, you will never see the little faggot on the losing team. Ever.

So here we are years later and not a damn fucking thing is ever done about it. Robert is like a spineless politician afraid of his own fucking shadow. He says it's not against the rules, well guess what Robert. You need to grab your fucking balls and do something. ax is nothing but a shit pool of bullshit. You're the only admin left. You come on and you kick little fuckers for dumb shit but you'll never take on the entrenched habitual rot that infects the server 24/7. You couldn't pay me to put up with your bullshit. lol. You can have it. It's all yours.
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Re: When the HELL is Falcon9R getting banned??

Postby Angeleyes » Mon Jun 15, 2020 6:44 pm

lMAO why is shadowdogkgb picking on Robert while hiding behind his gametrackers profile name. Go check it out on gametracker.com https://www.gametracker.com/player/Falc ... .sk:14567/ ." Each time you play with Falcon" ….. lol lol lol . Guess who's the ballless guy ( and yes I've checked google translate , lol in dutch we don't have a word with 3 following L's ) . Yesterday this social justice wannabe warrior teamkilled me , cause some guy bailed out of his bf 109 and it landed on our side of the map safely So I took it . Mister " I NEVER VISIT AX FORUM TO READ THE STUPIDITY WRITTEN BY IDIOTS " said I wasn' t allowed to fly axis planes and shot me down. He did the same earlier to another guy. He even used the word illegal lol .Calling me a cheat , while I'm playing this game from the start in 2002. I don't need cheats Falconette .........… but yet again , you 've just proven you 're just another spineless grey mouse …. a Hypocrite .LOl I remember a few months ago , you teamswitched to our team. SO I ,Ominous and some others decided to switch to the other team , to make them win. Guess who teamswitched at the end of the match , when we were winning …………………. you tell me Shadowmouse…… . Anyway I prefer to fight a cheat , cause you' re just a copycat , stealing other players tactics and oh so predictable . I Used to defend you on here , but never again.It's sad Millenium stopped playing cause of the most despicable person I've ever seen on bf1942...……….
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Re: When the HELL is Falcon9R getting banned??

Postby Angeleyes » Mon Jun 15, 2020 6:48 pm

mmmmh sorry, read all of sadowdogskgb posts , he's not Falcon , got tricked by a smarter person, well done shadowdog

…………… I think ….. but anyway , enjoy the reading :p
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