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Robert - Admin rights

Someone has been a bad boy?

Robert - Admin rights

Postby Jazavac » Fri Oct 11, 2019 5:49 pm

Can someone explain why there are no admins online for days?

Why Robert has admin rights if he is active for a day every three months?

Why Robert doesnt do his admin job?

Why Robert doesnt kick / ban trolls? W

Why Moali / Killer88 arent banned?

Why Robert protects disrespecting goatface fuckers with nazi nicknames who break rules very often?

No one specs hackers, no one kicks / bans guys who break rules while there are no admins online - for example Danny (well known dude) who does this shit. And i could count at least 5 more.

Robert after knowing you 10 years, pretty strange combo for a dude who celebrates Polish independence day and enjoys dry buttsex with his online nazi buddies.
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Re: Robert - Admin rights

Postby TheVicar » Sat Oct 12, 2019 3:06 am

I'm only a player on aX and I hear your worries, but Moongamers nearly died from over-admin intervention and over-hacking

I'm just happy that this server still runs BF1942. Even if its The Wild West version
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Re: Robert - Admin rights

Postby ComradeIvanKovolot » Sun Oct 13, 2019 4:23 am

My 2 cents:

* Robert used to be the MOST AWESOME admin.
* Per Jazavac, he joins very infrequently now, and doesn't seem to admin too actively. (If his new name is "R", that is - I just assumed that "R" is "Robert"'s new tag. I never see him under his old "Robert" tags.)
* We are luckly to get an admin for maybe 1 hour 1 time per week. (Samui was on today - Samui is FANTASTIC!)
* Per Vicar, I'm just amazed and stoked that this server is even still online and running.
* I also wonder if anyone is monitoring this forum - is there any Clan Leader or Server Admin for aX at all?

With love to all (usually illicit),
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Re: Robert - Admin rights

Postby Horza » Sun Oct 13, 2019 5:08 pm

What is funny is to know that "Samui" is Robert.
He was online this afternoon and maybe he didnt ban but he did the job and he can play too like George said in the past he didnt have time to play during games.
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Re: Robert - Admin rights

Postby ComradeIvanKovolot » Thu Oct 24, 2019 11:18 pm

I should have known that when Samui sometimes responds with " : ) " to a "thank you Samui" after he boots someone, that this was Robert - he's just that kind of guy and used to do this! :mrgreen:
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Re: Robert - Admin rights

Postby Shadowdogkgb » Fri Dec 06, 2019 9:21 am

Robert comes on the weekend sometimes. He was on for almost 3 hours one time. He uses different names but you know it's him because he has the same game play. He does certain things like plays engineer, waits for the same tanks, always has his wrench out etc. you know it's him if you've played on here for years.

Robert if you read this we need you to come in and clean house. Just monitor the server at random times for a few days. Go through the recent abuse reports. It won't take long. As soon as you leave the ass fuckery begins.
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