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Player " WhosBoatisThisBoat "

Someone has been a bad boy?

Player " WhosBoatisThisBoat "

Postby mussels » Mon Dec 24, 2018 4:38 am

Same shit as ever, some aashole disrupting for a number of days now, but no 1 bothers to report anymore, it seems, as I find no topic/complaints about this.
The name says it all, ramming, firing at friendships the whole game.
I am tired of all this, do i have to show screenshot?
I mean, no 1 else report, and wtf happened last time I reported such events with screenshots ?
There s at times like today full server but when I join I see a crowd of noobs lining up for execution.
I think you need time. Around 15 to 40 minutes ago on Midway.
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Re: Player " WhosBoatisThisBoat "

Postby mussels » Sun Dec 30, 2018 4:22 am

Just now I left the server, it is just getting stupid !
Midway is on, some guy ping 117 ,call himself Greezer , ramming ships.

It s likely 115 but the ping might vary slightly at times, I think. It makes sense.
It don t make sense this guy is still here !

They can make it so Maj.Merlin get auto kick when he talk, but a real culprit ramming ships for 2 months ?

115 His routine is now well known, similar times he join and Midway, Wake mainly.
So it should be no problem for an admin to get him banned proper ! IMO

It is pissing me of big time because Midway is about the only map I still play, join other maps sometimes.
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Re: Player " WhosBoatisThisBoat "

Postby Horza » Sun Dec 30, 2018 10:33 am

He's famous on server to disrupting players. He changes lot of times names but loves to use Greezer's name, another regular player.
Some people told me he used mine too but I only met him during night in Europe, shooting tanks leaving the main on bulge...
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