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Players repeatedly attacking main

Someone has been a bad boy?

Players repeatedly attacking main

Postby dringus » Sun May 27, 2018 9:09 am

5/27/18 Market Garden 9:15-10am server time, about 6 axis attacking allied main over, and over, and over after repeatedly being told that was against the rules and them bragging and encouraging it, especially as there is no aa at allied main there, Angeleyes and 2-3 other axis pilots just circling over allied main for minutes at a time not just a random passover here and there, circling bombing ppl on runway etc. Angeleyes has been on here for years, he/she knows better and would not being circling constantly over main if an admin was on. Linning attacking main and got autokilled for it called others names then was asking for an admin to ban players for being disrespectful after calling names, first stealing tank at allied main and killing enough ppl to be autokilled for it, beardofsocrates, too many to remember them all, please look at chat and you will see at least 6-8 players repeatedly being asked to stop attacking main and continued to do so and talk $hit about it. Week ban?
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Re: Players repeatedly attacking main

Postby Angeleyes » Mon May 28, 2018 9:10 pm

If Dringus was behind my screen he would have seen I was going after a bf going ufo above their base while I was defending church and we started a dogfight . Dringus just got pissed off like a lot of other players , cause there are no more admins around and someone else kept baseraping their main .Shame on you Dringus , I don't need to base rape to get some kills , been playing this game since it came out , been called a cheater and a maphack many times , even today cause I went for the mg on the tank turret to shoot down some planes , the mg points backwards , some guy tried to zook me from behind , saw him , shot him , wrong time wrong place I thought buddy, but oh no, angel maphack , angel cheater blabla . So Dingus ... get your facts right before accusing people and startcomplaining . I don't team kill, I don't base rape , I play by the rules . Next time you feel the need to play server police, take a screenshot like I do every time when I post a complaint or otherwise just shut your mouth and play the sims or house party Pie Jesu qui tollis peccata mundi, donna eis requiem .......................Pater, ignosce illis, quia nesciunt quid faciunt. Pffft don't even know why I take the time to reply to this wannabe mister righteous guy ...... mister 77125 ..................
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