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ColoneloOneillSG-1 = "Artillery Thief"

Someone has been a bad boy?

ColoneloOneillSG-1 = "Artillery Thief"

Postby DeadlySquirrel » Mon Oct 02, 2017 4:14 am

10-01-2017 2200hrs UTC-6

Sitting in on second map "Bulge" starts. I don't usually care for this map because you cannot get snipers to spot on any map and it is really an awesome map when you have an effort towards capping the flags and not a "personal score" that snipers seen to look forward to at end of game. I spawn as sniper and close enough to the artillery. Once inside I ask for a target right away. I begin to move it and ColonelOneillSG-1 jumps in artillery and radio commands.."lets go". I give him the bail out command and he then begins to argue that artillery is a two seat vehicle and that two people can jump in at the same time. He doesn't like my take on the game play so he Flat Out TK's me.... Twice. he calls explaining the rules to him as crying like a bitch. Well bitch... here come the replies... get ready for an education.
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Re: ColoneloOneillSG-1 = "Artillery Thief"

Postby JawBreaker » Mon Oct 02, 2017 4:26 am

Now, wait just one second.

I was on that map.

I read what you said.

You incessantly run your mouth and constantly have negative things to say about most every player.

Colonel O'Neill was 48-26 on that map. He's a skilled player. We need those.

You have already been banned on this server and have a reputation among the regulars.

I have no idea who this Colonel O'Neill fella is and have no particular allegiance to him one way or the other. But I sure as hell sat there for 45 minutes while you spewed out rancid toxic comments at a machine gun rate. It degraded the entire experience of playing on the aX server having you play with us because of this. No matter what happened, you couldn't just let it go for the sake of the other 62 players on the server. You focused on yourself and continued to execute your selfish vile agenda.

That's what happened.

Your best bet right now, Deadly Squirrel, is to change your name and then change your attitude.

You have a track record and a reputation here.
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Re: ColoneloOneillSG-1 = "Artillery Thief"

Postby TheVicar » Mon Oct 02, 2017 4:43 am

I've been saying this for a long time. Squirrels are just flying rats.

Get rid.
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Re: ColoneloOneillSG-1 = "Artillery Thief"

Postby DeadlySquirrel » Mon Oct 02, 2017 5:21 am

before I wait a second.Jawbreaker. Get your facts straight. He was 38 48 on that map...not 48 -26.
Maybe I get tired of your idea of a skilled player. Artillery is for one. If its occupied get the next. That was first then the TK. then the next TK. That type of game play isn't my type of experience I enjoy while my opinion upset your game. My experience was rained on first. Also My track record is for calling out players that take a dump on the rules when the admins are not present.
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