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General Chaos needs a ban

Someone has been a bad boy?

General Chaos needs a ban

Postby iß Proctor » Thu Apr 06, 2017 2:38 pm

Just now on Berlin, General Chaos was blowing up the Russian jeeps, also was constantly running over players in base. Was asked to stop, and wouldn't. Be nice to see him banned for 3 days. There were also numerous players killing the Russians in their base. too many to list honestly.

Again, no admins on. You need some more? You know where to find me.
iß Proctor
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Re: General Chaos needs a ban

Postby Blizzard » Fri Apr 07, 2017 9:01 am

ive asked before now the good news is that it does seem like there are less tk'ers on..but once those bans expire they'll return- too many people tk me for no good reasons..now the bad news..the amount of people attacking mains is increasing ive noticed..more people are driving jeeps into mains and running people over, attacking with planes, and bailing out over mains- this seems to be really bad on Market garden...ive been bombed and shot at by planes and bombers many times on a single map, as axis that is..then if im allied ever same thing, german tanks, jeeps, planes strafe the airfield runway..or enemies come into take planes and the bomber- and its normally about 5 people on average per map doing this.. then people get mad and then do it themselves then pretty soon half the team is attacking the main, id say the worst maps for the main attacking is El alamein, Market Garden and guadacanal. these 3 maps are some of the favorite it seems, maybe we could get more admins on at night?
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