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Someone has been a bad boy?


Postby iCQ » Wed Mar 29, 2017 9:59 pm

At the moment 22:54pm 29 march 2017 playername Terminator is shooting his own team planes with a flak so he can rush to plane spawn to get a plane.

He managed to shoot me twice and down me once. He said ¨sorry¨ in the chat but took the plane nevertheless.

Now he claims i expack his plane.. which i did not.. i put a mine infront of his plane and talked to him about it.

He drove the mine. To i got a tk... well that is clearly not the problem.

As far as i know deliberate team damage is a NO NO... he knew it was me as i flew over the flak very low to see how n earth an enemy was using our flak in our main base.... he could have easely seen me and stopped.

He claims he is member since 2010 so nothing will happen to him. Well... admin... you decide please. See/read log if you have time.

In the meantime if anybody finds problems with this player please add to the post.

For the rest happy gaming and TEAMWORK is the most fun so stop camp in ur tank behind infrantry PLEASE 8-)
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Re: Terminator

Postby iCQ » Wed Mar 29, 2017 10:12 pm

Just got kicked for tk him twice (got me a -4 score) sorry

Anyways he was in flak again shooting own team and messing around with other player at spawn.

He claims he is member here for SO long but he refuse to give us his real/other nickname.

Anyways his IP will be the same... surely.

Have a nice day.. im off and will ignore him from now on. I cannot promise that he will behave now tho. I have several screenshots and post them as needed.

Logs will show him TK me and few others.
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