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Someone has been a bad boy?

Re: pajdo

Postby pajdo11 » Wed Sep 03, 2014 7:00 pm

why would i want you stop playing the game? you are regular player, and for the most of the time, quite fair. If you noticed, i barely get to play on EL alamein, guadalcanal and battleaxe, i kick all the time, mostly for basesniping.
The rules are there, and i have to take care that rules are respected. Unfortunatley you broke one of them and i kicked you. Ofcourse i can make mistakes and when i recognize one, I allways apologize. In my opinion, that was not a mistake. There are other ways to start discussion about some rules/map specifics than turnin on admin that only followed rules. There is difference between you and others that complain on my work, you unlike them dont get bans on weekly basis, and i would like if we could put this behind us and just keep playing the game.
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