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Dude ruining game

Someone has been a bad boy?

Dude ruining game

Postby Ronnie James Dio » Tue May 07, 2013 6:46 am

Hi, I normally dont react to other players disrupting game. But just 25-30 min ago on Market Garden there was a guy with the nick "SS Sturmfuhrer", that kept raping the allied airfield all map in plane. And since there is no AA in the allied main and no admin on he could ruin the game totally by continuesly raping the pilots before taking off, and so he did. I have played this game for a long time, but never seen such a dick being allowed to disrupt a whole map, the map throughout on this level. This kind of behaviour will make people leave the server, which is why I am telling you guys to at least keep an extra eye on him, if you need further evidence to ban. Only thing i have is a screenshot of the final score of his rape. Also if you need more admins I would not have any problems trying to keep the server on its best, was an admin when the game was a little younger for a couple of years for moongamers, and been playing since the game came out. I wouldnt have a problem for instance suiciding to go watch if a dude is raping uncap or using exploits etc. and not playing all map long to admin. I might need a brief introductions to the commands again though.
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Re: Dude ruining game

Postby german wings » Tue May 07, 2013 4:39 pm

You're right.

I know him.
I kicked him a few times before for baseraping.
I'll ban him for max. 3days next time if he's baseraping again.
Maybe he learns something.
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