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Player name + a.k.a. :)

Someone has been a bad boy?

Player name + a.k.a. :)

Postby iCQ » Sat Aug 01, 2020 5:15 am

The guy who is now : ) on simple and + here in aX is saying the following things:

1 he is admin in aX and he is level 3 chat with George now
2 he wants to be banned for life on aX
3 he calls me and other people names... and tells us to eat his penis (he use other words, duh)

anyway gratz with this troll on the server... i say we should vote for a TOTAL BAN and on top of that i will talk to some people at SIMPLE to get his hateful muslim ass kicked there too...

The community is already unhealthy as it is... we not need muslim terrorist trolls here, they can troll they own women and people in their own country in their own culture...

oh and he did my mom... dont be shocked when he come to you and boast about do your mom either... its a culture thing.. THEY ALL DO EACHOTHERS MOMS THERE IT SEEMS

and you know these types of guys.. they kiss ur feet when you act like their buddy.. but the moment they see u walk with a suitcase full with money they stab you in the back.. you not NEED friends like that people
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Re: Player name + a.k.a. :)

Postby seventy » Sat Aug 01, 2020 2:57 pm


What does level 3 chat mean? And what happened to George.....?
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