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Chaos as usual (teamkilling etc)

Someone has been a bad boy?

Chaos as usual (teamkilling etc)

Postby Luzmu » Fri Apr 13, 2018 12:15 pm


I started making notes just out off curiosity today, when I played on the server roughly two hours around 10-12 CET. No admins present as usual and a sh*tload of disruptive behaviour. I myself got the pleasure of being teamwounded and/or teamkilled by four individuals during this period.

FOX and BUG shooting planes on af and in the air above our own plane, with infantry weapons and AA guns. TankHunter hunting, not tanks but friendly planes with AA gun at south flag in alamein. And ofrcourse IDF who took it rather personally when I made fun of him taxing to the planes in midway, leaving his tank in front of the hangar disrputing other peoples play. As a result he started hunting me with his sbd-t, grenades and sniper rifle killing me multiple times.

Now its not a secret that at some point enough is enough and I shoot back to defend myself aka prevent myself from being teamkilled. I do that once or twise to see if the other party can be scared off. But as usual, I did not start any of these events and would rather see them put to an and by an admin before things get out of hand.

How difficult is it to appoint some acitve admins, preferably ones that are online on different times of day and boot off the inactive ones? Today someone commented that its a challenging time for admins to be online or something.. well the challenge is not for the individual admins who have a rhythm of life but the server owner who is shitting in the cereals of his users by leaving the server unattended most of the day!
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Re: Chaos as usual (teamkilling etc)

Postby JawBreaker » Fri Apr 13, 2018 2:20 pm


Luzmu ..

I've enjoyed playing with you in the past. You are a fine teammate. Thanks for playing this old game with all of us.

The server is owned by a fella .. there I go being presumptive .. perhaps it is a woman .. the server is owned by a person named: ssk.

Nobody has heard from this person in a very long time.

This is a "ghost" server.

There can be no more admins added. Furthermore, the two admins that remain active, Robert and George, are limited in their admin capability. They cannot alter the map rotation nor can they extend the timer during maps.

Robert does the best he possibly can and boots players quite regularly for the things you are mentioning. George is on again after being off for a while.

These two guys can only do so much and currently that's all we have.

And there is no way to add more.

Back a couple of weeks ago, the server shut down .. offline entirely. I thought that was it for aX because there is nobody to go in to the remote console and restart the server. But, it came back. I was stunned.

We all have some fun speculating what happened to ssk. Vic was probably the closest when he said he probably worked for a company in IT, set up the server and altered it (a BRILLIANT programmer as he put in things like "Luzmu zooked a tank from 102m!" and stuff like that) .. and then he probably got fired (sacked). And he doesn't have access anymore.

None of us actually know what happened.

Last summer, Hillbillyninja and I got together and was going to offer ssk $1,000 if he would just turn over the keys to us. Just so we could add more admins and maybe alter the map rotation for some variety. But, we couldn't find anybody to give our money to. If, in the future, we can gain control of the server, you have our word that we will watch all the players, judge who would make the best admins and choose new admins from the current players we see each day on the server. So, there's a chance things will change in the future and we have a list of admins we would empower right away, immediately.

But not right now.

For now, it is what it is.

But, we're still trying to get control of the server and add more admins. This may change in the future.

Honestly, Luzmu, when what happened to you happens to me .. I just quit. You are absolutely right. This does happen. And if Robert or George is sleeping and not playing BF42 .. there is no way to punish them. So, I just quit and come back later.

I hope this helps you in that now you have knowledge of what is going on.

As I said, I enjoy playing this grand old game with you and hope to see you on the server again very soon.


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Re: Chaos as usual (teamkilling etc)

Postby iCQ » Wed Apr 18, 2018 9:23 pm

I want to thank JB for this post. And i would like to add another 150 euro to you Hill and Jawbreaker (without any strings attached, i dont want nor need keys).

As for SSK... i have no clue. But i have a strong feeling (and proof) he is VERY BUSY and STILL around!!!
Many many years ago when i was still playing DC in clan... SSK and his buddies were always good players.. not so talkative... just pro players and gentlemen. Cant say anything bad about them (and him).

How much more could we ask from a man (or woman) who gave us this server?

To be honest JB is absolutely right... not much you can do expect REPORT HERE... and look away. I usually go play SiMPLE server when it goes bad on aX... and thank god Robert and George sometimes have the time to help us.

No matter how frustrated you get.. dont blame it on the owner or admins please. Its sad enough the forum is closed for new members (thanks to a script kiddy troll and maybe also a bit thanks to me, damnit... i should have IGNORED IT).
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