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Solution for AMD RX5000s GPUs [Broken Crosshair/HUD]

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Solution for AMD RX5000s GPUs [Broken Crosshair/HUD]

Postby Apollon » Wed Aug 19, 2020 1:59 am

[Found a post with a solution to the crosshair and HUD issues and thought I'd make a post here, forgive me if it already exists :P ]

As many players have probably seen, AMD R5000 Series GPUs offer great support for older games-
okay, just kidding, their drivers just suck for old games, and you gotta do a ton of research for some to actually work.
After witnessing the issues BF42 had with RX5700 myself, I did some searching n' managed to find a post with a solution on it.

Installing this patch (actually an add-on of BF42 HD Remaster) fixes the no-crosshair and broken HUD, also adds some nice ambient lighting and bloom effects (although they can be turned off).
https://www.moddb.com/mods/high-definit ... dated-pack

Game might take a bit longer than usual to load up or swap to menus, but it's worth it.
hope this fixes the problems for RX5000s users, it did for me :D
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