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It is so obvious

Discuss. About Battlefield. 1942 of course.

It is so obvious

Postby iCQ » Fri Mar 06, 2020 4:40 am

Now i been active in BF1942 again for a year or bit more i noticed some shit going on in this community.

And since people are not straight up. They hide and change nicks... they make secret packs together and troll as a team. One good cop... the other bad cop (sometimes).

They try to rule the EURO battlefield scene.

We have one big place and it is called aX. It makes other "teams" water their mouths. Like the simple team... i have strong evidence they do not take care of SSK's work. In fact i know 2 admins at simple that actively troll here. Why? Maybe they want the players in their own server. Maybe they just born the wrong way... i do not know, i do not care.

Then you have that jawbreaker/hillbilly team. I found out a while ago they been acting odd at moongamers and somehow got banned or not welcome anymore.

Now i do not know all details. And i not wish to spend any more time on it. Hilly.. whatever go figure it out with your asshat JawBreaker.... giving me excuses for his bad behavior that he display tells me enough.

Why you guys not just start your own server? Or just stop with the "i need to be admin" crap... admin is a job you do NOT want to have, thrust me, been there done that.

Actually i am admin now at some game somewhere. But i not going to talk more here... just so you people know why u cannot follow me.

I am on a hunt... for trolls... cheaters... fuckers.... assholes... racists... and anyone who needs to be a sneaky DEAD bastard.

This land is NOT yours to rule... this land is free.... NOT as in like America... cause that's history. The nukes and vietnam told us enough. You do not deserve your own land... not even in HELL you will be able to say you are HOME.

My two cents... and george i hope you are ok there.

Nameless and tuia.. and all his buttmonkeys... i am on to you. Congratulations with your domain transfer.

And that ALPHA - TEAM feet kissers... i dont care who you are. You call me with VOIP hacking crap. You not give me your name... so bite the dust. We do not want to join your gay team... straight and simple. We are men of honor.


go eat my dick

Oh and by the way... i have cheats free to download on my forum. It be back up soon... but you are NOT allowed to use these cheats on aX... just on Simple server. Join the forum and PM me to get the password.

Good luck all and peace.. if u want war then you already got that buddy. :mrgreen:


mess with the best and die like the rest fake 31337 H4X0R's

$ talks

(p.s. worldstream B.V. will soon pull the plug... but not today.. sorry Arkos and Sunshine for the mess... you know we have to STOP SUPPORT RACIST PEOPLE).

Together we are strong... you are alone with your simple team... it is bound to sink. Take my advise:

LEAVE THE SINKING SHIP IF YOU ARE NOT A CAPTAIN... listen... dude... LISTEN... i am telling you. They will be in jail when i am finished and you do NOT WANT TO BE SEEN AS THEIR FRIENDS.

(last warning) :ugeek:

LOD / T-BONE.... lol.. ssk... lol... rofl... lmao S0FTiCE / MaSM skills? not any? too bad for you, stop be the psycho
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Re: It is so obvious

Postby iCQ » Fri Mar 06, 2020 5:01 am

p.s. both Nameless and Tuia never said sorry for anything. So clearly they are not worth a dime, BOTH of them. Cheap insecure bastards.

Yeah yeah i know.... they deem themselfs 31337. The lop team... are major trolls... also... Latino... lol... you loser. You lost your tongue now? You fake me with that fake photo... give me some time and i dox your ass. And then it is MY turn to "hide" which i never do. You think all men online have no balls and mannar like you right? No pride? All of them? Till you get the bullet you washy fag.

Since nameless and tuia let them be after 100's of people complain i know the deal. I understand now....

It is a dirty game... you guys are not friendly... you not wish us the best. You just want your insecure powers over this online silly business.

Calling me a spammer, ban me.... but REMOVE MY SPAM you do not. It is hilarious.

A whole new filter has been set up at simple... one cannot say SPCL anymore... http://www.SPCL.tk it just a sandbox dude.

Anyway you guys run on https://www.nginx.com/ (i know it is not the ORG... but still, a nice show!) :lol:

Go to that page and scroll down... see who running the show there now? Sir AARON TERRY a black guy... hahahahaha

Nice work AARON! And oh how these racist idiots at simple now feel bad. They called me a jew... a whatever. Well go see your doctor now kids.

my-two cents.


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Re: It is so obvious

Postby joint » Sun Mar 08, 2020 9:05 pm

feet kisser
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