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The Battlefield 1942 Christmas Party : Sunday December 22nd

Discuss. About Battlefield. 1942 of course.

The Battlefield 1942 Christmas Party : Sunday December 22nd

Postby JawBreaker » Tue Dec 10, 2019 7:38 am


S'up everybody .. it's JB checking in on how things roll these days in the land that began it all.

Think how many "Call of Duty" games there have been. How many different versions of "Battlefield". Playstations and X-Boxes .. two or three generations now. Nintendos and all the rest. All these platforms, all those games, all those years.

And all that money made for those companies. Billions of dollars.

And it all started .. ALL OF IT STARTED .. with *THIS* game. Every time you guys log on and play another round, you are keeping not just GAMING history alive .. you are preserving the cultural history of entertainment on the planet Earth when this Millennium began. Don't stop. It's important.

So, what about this Christmas thing, right?


Since this game came out so long ago, many of us have spent so many hours competing against each other .. just talking in chat .. spending our time .. the times of our lives .. together. Together, as a group of .. friends. Just good friends. And you get to know people, you recognize their personalities, their "style" of playing the game, the way in which they play .. their tricks, their habits .. and you come to realize:

I probably know more about these people, their personality .. who they are .. than probably most of their extended family. God knows we have spent more TIME together than we ever spent with the weird cousins and strange uncles that we only see at Christmas.

SO ..

As time goes on and the player count drips and drips lower ... now we REALLY know these guys that we play this game with. It's such a unique situation because .. there's almost no servers left. This server is really The Main One that we all gather at. Simple has some surges and everybody loves Piper down under and their Great Escape server. But, this server .. that this forum represents .. is really the last consistent gathering point for old friends who have played this game for all these years. Together. Spending all those untold hours together .. through the decades now.

People have Christmas parties for .. all sorts of reasons. You have a Christmas Party at work, right? Nobody likes those because everybody just tries to bang that hot blonde in Sales. Neighborhood Block Parties ... clubs .. organizations ... and bars. That's kinda what we are. We're like an old corner bar where everybody knows everybody else. Poker is an old game. The graphics kinda suck. People still play it. Even play it sometimes at bars.

In that frame of mind .. and with that reality ..

Let's all get together for the holidays.

Whadda ya say?

Let's all work together and try to get all the old time fellas that play the game throughout the week. Maybe some of you have e-mail address or Facebook contacts of friends from our past that played Battlefield 1942.

Let's try to get them all together. All of us, the whole community, and have an absolute blast of a great time, Together.


The Battlefield 1942 Christmas Party : The Dirty Dozen

Happening on the aX server


And I'll tell ya what we'll do to make it a big event.

I spent 27 years on the radio as a disc jockey at rock and roll radio stations in .. Austin, Texas ... Atlanta, Georgia .. Los Angeles, California ... New York, New York .. and, of course, my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio ... hell, I've been
the guy on your radio for damn near 30 years all around these great United States. And all through my journeys, I had many, many ... MANY ... broadcast partners during all those days and all those places in all those radio stations ..


.. I never had more fun .. than when Hillbillyninja and myself take to the airwaves and broadcast all of us .. Together ... playing this game.

And we broadcast worldwide.

And we broadcast it live.

In fact, I might even go as far to say .. I never worked with anybody .. and I mean PROFESSIONALLY, for a paycheck .. that is funnier or has as quick a WIT .. absolutely just SLAPSHOT INSTANT hilarious ... as Hillbillyninja.

Now, when we did this before .. what set us aside .. above .. FAR ABOVE .. AND BEYOND .. PRO LEET GAMERDUDE xxxfightfightfight over on Twitch playing Half-Life at Red Bull MAX SPEED or ... an aging child giggling through his farts as he plays Fortnite on YouTube Gaming ... or even some shithead cheating admins over on Moongamers broadcasting and trying like hell to hide the fact they are just fat-assed nerds picking their nose as they fly a Mustang towards the map hack exploit they swear they don't use ...

(yeah, you fucked up, Lin. You fucked up bad, girl. You chose WRONG ... like WAY WRONG. An admin staff has to be the coolest people on the server. Ya can't fake it. Admins can't be DICKS .. like .. TOTAL COCKS. People HATE those guys. They STILL hate those guys. Posi and that jackass German guy who goes 105-1 at Battleaxe and all the rest of your admin crew. When you started sliding in player count, the answer was intensely obvious. BUT .. you couldn't bite your carpet munching lesbian tongue and put that intensely MASSIVE Pacific Northwest ego in your goddamn pocket. And now you lost your server. And you lost your community. All you had to do was turn the keys over to me and Hilly and let us clean house on your staff. But nooooooo .. you had to kill the last great American server. Over what? Over pride? The answer to save your ass was right in front of you and was intensely obvious. You're reading it right here and you're gonna hear it and see it come Sunday the 22nd. You lost your server, you lost your community, you lost your ass. Now, go sit in the losers chair in the corner. Because me and Hilly are about to pull the community together .. one more time. Maybe you can go set the map to Market Garden .. cuz ya just NEVER play that map, do ya? And you can watch alittlegirl and two dorks named BFSOLDIER wander around trying to find each other in your ---THREE -- PERSON --- SERVER. You lost it all .. over pride. Sucks to be you.)

But when all these people do try to broadcast this stuff .. anywhere .. all over the world .. in ANY game .. on any gaming channel ..they just expose themselves in the most EMBARRASSING way ... as all the world is .. RIGHT THERE ... to see *LIVE*
.... that they are currently in the process of:


.. at the concept of


.. or the elusive performance index of:

Gathering and Maintaining an Audience through Show Business Acumen that Evolves from ...


Hell, I can't even remember a time in my life where I didn't have to roll my ass out of bed on a random Tuesday and PERFORM A SHOW in front of 76,000 people.

In an hour and 20 minutes.

And then you got Hilly who is .. not really explainable. There's a reason everybody loves him .. and you guys just get to see what he says in chat. Trust me, when it's happening live ... he .. literally .. doesn't go for more than sixty seconds without saying one of the most hilarious things you've ever heard in your life. Because it's in that "moment" .. instant. The man is a freak. Flat out freak.

Between him and ole JB here and his nigh on 30 years of performing live .. AS A JOB .. as in, how I eat food and raised babies .. not as a funny ha-ha thing to do because it's NEAT and it's so NEXT GEN TECH .. I either learned how to be interesting and entertaining or .. I didn't make rent that month .. and I ate what I could kill.

And that's what this game .. Battlefield 1942 .... has going for it that no other game across the platforms and channels has when it is broadcast live worldwide on Twitch. THERE you got a dude who works at McDonalds and a chick who is in Accounting. With us .. Together .. as a community, we have ALLL of you guys and your sharply defined personalities that me and Hilly know so well .. and it's being presented to you by a professional broadcaster and his zany sidekick in a Sherman Tank. At Bocage. Near the windmill. ("BOMB HIS ASS, JON BONJONES!")

Ya wanna do this?

I'll do it if you all will help. And I'll find a pickaxe and a stick of dynamite and dig Hilly outta whatever lunatic asylum they have him padded up in.

So, here's what to do .. from NOW .. until the 22nd ... you see some guy that has been playing the game a long time and you enjoy playing with him .. invite him to the party. Reach out to old friends, if ya can .. try to get them to come back. I'm coming back for it. Go find Konnie, what happened to that friggin' guy? (Konjina) Or tell CC that JB said he had to be there (CC is CroCop).

You know, just invite all the cool people .. the really killer players .. the great fliers .. the funny infantrymen .. and the guys you laugh at when they get mad for being bombed while in a tank.

And we'll make it a community get-together of old friends at the holidays.

We'll make it a party.

The Battlefield 1942 Christmas Party

Sunday December 22nd on the aX gaming server

JB & Hilly will take to the airwaves worldwide and live at 6 PM Eastern

Alright, now .. you got your orders. You know what to do.

So mention it and mention it again and then remind folks and say it once more.

The Sunday before Christmas

Who's cuttin' rails and who's bringin' the bourbon?

Alright, well .. don't let The Vicar see ya with that stuff. You'll be saying 'Hail Marys' until Valentine's Day.

Look, this game is 17 years old, guys.

It's no longer about the game, man ..

.. it's about the people you play the game with.

And therein lies the fun.

And a whole lotta fun about to be had the Sunday night before Christmas.


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Re: The Battlefield 1942 Christmas Party : Sunday December 2

Postby JawBreaker » Mon Dec 23, 2019 11:43 am


Thank you, so much, for everyone who came on Sunday night.

I looked several times over four hours and it was always at max players, 64.

And a good time was had by all.

It was just a small gathering of friends that have spent thousands of hours together playing an old game with and against each other.

I suppose I drastically overestimated the importance of this forum for communication. I suppose there is no vessel to communicate with the players left for this historic game. I felt this was as close as it came.

So, these comments may fall on deaf ears .. but if you have a theory, a thought .. I would surely love to hear it.

I don't play this game anymore. I hardly play any games anymore, really. And it feels like a part of me has aged and died because of it. That fun .. that camaraderie .. the competition. Should we age out of this ... playing videogames? I ponder it deeply because I tell you with sincere & grave seriousness that I believe Battlefield 1942 & Battlefield 2 cost me my second marriage. I really believe that. The reason why is .. valid .. in my opinion .. not valid in the big picture, real world. Valid to me. And that was a total failure. Perhaps learn something from this story and make your life better.

I was the founder and Commanding Officer of Steal Rage in Battlefield 1942. We went undefeated and won The CAL Season Two Championship. Now, that might seem to be something I am bragging about but here's the real world facts: that shit takes A LOT of time to be that good. I could go through the practice regiment and the Order of Battles I would create and such but ... just imagine the time consumption ... when you are THE COMMANDING OFFICER of a competition clan at that level of success.

But that wasn't enough to destroy a real-life marriage.

It hurt it bad but ..

.. when |SR| did what we did, Battlefield 2 was just coming out. It was kind of like EA copied the Desert Combat mod and made it the next Battlefield game. It's a fantastic game if you ever get a chance to play it. But, the point being ... there was this massive .. I mean MASSIVE clan ... called "Reverence" (clan tag: -R- ). This group had about 175 players in it ... all of them that paid monthly dues .... and .. well, the fact is ...

.. after we won the title at CAL ..

.. the founders of Reverence approached me. They had a proposal for me to consider:

Come and take over their clan's combat operations. In their entirety.

They would grant me an Officer's Commission .. they did not have officers .. or any divisions .. or any type of organization that I saw .... and then, they explained ... once I was given that commission, I would have the authority and full reign to do ... anything I saw fit as needed because ... they wanted one thing and one thing only. They saw it as an absolute linchpin to keeping their group together.

They wanted a winning clan.

They offered me a very nice amount of United States Dollars to leave Steal Rage and accept this commission.

Then, they offered a series of incentives .. money rewards ... for X amount of wins ... and then X amount of more wins reaches this level of payment ... and THEN X amount of wins and ... a championship would mean: a very tidy lump sum. Actual friggin' cash paid to me.

For a goddamn videogame.


So, I did it. I accepted their commission.

This group ... so unwieldy and a jumble ..

I began that "JawBreaker" thing I do.

I created two Armies .. First Army and Second Army ... inside of each Army Corps, I created divisions. In these divisions, brigades and in the brigades I created platoons.

I watched and examined and graded for a month before anything happened. Just talking and watching.

Then, I created my Inner Circle of High Command.

The Power Structure.

I created and commissioned the officer positions of:

Commanding General, Infantry.
Field Marshal, Armor Operations.
Vice Marshal, Air Operations.

Then, I created the REAL power position of my very best "ACE" player, he was the best I had .. by far ..

And made him my:

Executive Officer (XO)

He was charged with the drilling and training of all players regardless of division, rank or commission. To achieve this task I set upon him, I commissioned him to assemble a staff as he saw fit. The Best of the Best, each part, every skill. The Master Training School to elevate the level of skill across the board. To maximize all players to play at their most skilled positions and the practice and drill and practice and drill those skills. Refining,m teaching, scrimmaging, communicating how to become more lethal, sharper, faster and deadly accurate, every time.

With the authority of The Executive Officer of Both Armies and All Divisions, Napalm put together "The A-Team" and taught the rest. Over and over and over again, drilling, practicing.

And as the preseason matches approached, I task him exclusively with implementing my grand vision of strategy for that week. To run my strategy over and over, flawless timing, objective achievement, exacting and relentless .. specific to my strategy to the letter .. the exercises and practices, execute The Plan. Over and over and over .. instructing on efficiency, lethal accuracy, flawless timing on the clock .. here by X there by Y. Precision.

Then .. as my final step .. I found another Ohio boy that was just as insidious and ambitious as me. It was handy that he sat on The Reverence Clan Founder's Council, as well. And that he was the best ATTACK chopper pilot I ever saw. His name was Mike (in game: iL Duce).

I commissioned him with unique and nebulous power.

He was appointed to sit at the head of all tables, the highest rank in any chat room he entered, the ranking officer on any forums he wrote on, the Marshal of any map he spawned in to .. no matter if it was 3 or 65 guys drilling with platoon, brigade, division and Army Corps commanders all present.

Because I made Mike my:

Chief of Staff

He ran the Officer Corps, the power structure.

Every General and Marshal, who had divisions, brigades and platoon commanders as well as all the soldiers in their command ... if these powerful and highly ranked officials were in conflict on a strategic point or asset management ... or whether the sky was blue ... they deferred to iL Duce and his decision. Because he was their boss.

And then ..

.. only Mike spoke to me.


Nobody spoke to me, I was never seen in drills or practices, never heard on scrimmage comms, never wrote on forums, never answered e-mails (Mike always did that), I simply never spoke, wrote or was seen in game. I only spoke to my Chief of Staff. And Mike filtered out all the bullshit fluff and clan politics and personality clashes and kept it off my desk so I could manage .. a 175 person clan.

When he spoke to me, it was an actual issue that needed deciding.

I was Supreme Commander & Commanding Officer

.. of the entirety of the clan of Reverence.

It was VERY important: I didn't speak. And nobody spoke to me.

Except Mike.

The reasons were many I structured it that way but the most devastatingly effective reason was:

.. when GAMEDAY came ... and I had created a Communications Platoon to structure and manage every division, every brigade, every platoon in Comms ... so that when *I* spoke on Teamspeak .. every Corps, Division, Brigade and Platoon .. every man .. heard it.

When a foot soldier spoke, his Platoon Commander heard it .. only the Platoon Commanders could speak to the Brigade Commanders. The Colonels in charge of the Brigades were the only ones that were capable of speaking to the Commanding Generals of their divisions. Those Commanding Generals could speak to my Executive Officer or my Chief of Staff.

Only Mike could speak to me.

That alone .. that structure I just exhaustingly explained ... along with my strategies drilled and drilled and practiced and practiced on a closed and passworded server two hours every single night of the week .. all overseen by my XO ... that execution ... that communication structure to remove the chaos ... the defined and exacting structure and re-fitting of an entire 175 person clan in to a sharp, informed and instructed unit .. defined by purpose and reason for each man and his place in the larger picture ... just those few simple things ..

The perfection of command structure for competition Gameday battlefield communications.

The structured practice and drilling on a clan-wide complex strategy broken down in to single soldier pieces then fit back together with a great XO and then ...

... as no plan survives the first bullet fired ...

.. I *HAD* to create this ... "fake" ... *AURA* around myself. Layers upon layers of commanders and colonels and Marshals and Generals and THEN ... finally ... silence


.. Gameday.

The Match.

JawBreaker on your comms.

The Supreme Commander ... the ghost, "vision" .. there he was .. it's "Gameday". It's time to thunder.

Put that mindset together with my loud voice from being on the radio for all those years and the "passion" and "volume" I could elevate to the drill sergeant from "Full Metal Jacket" at will should it be a DECISIVE CRUCIAL MOMENT in the match ..

.. and it basically scared the living shit out of these kids is what it did.

They had only heard about me, who I was. UNTIL ...


And dudes just played out of their ass. Wonderful results. Incredible.

    The previous season, Reverence was 2-8 in matches for the year.

    The very next season, the clan of Reverence went undefeated, 10-0, won their division then won their conference title and then .. won the league championship.

No match was even close.

And right about then, my wife filed for divorce.

We had four kids, a mortgage, a minivan and I had a mid-engine 2 seat sportscar with the Vanity License plate "SEXY DJ". I was jockin' middays 10-2 on Cleveland's #1 rock radio station.

And I fucked it all up.

All of it.

Over all the shit I just explained to you.

You know how long it takes to do what I just laid out there? You know how long each week it takes to structure and run the bureaucratic management of an Officer Corps in charge of divisions in charge of platoons in charge of soldiers? ON THE INTERNET .. WHICH IS LIKE HERDING CATS ANYWAYS?


Anybody here ever been SERVED with Divorce Papers ... especially after 15 years of marriage?

I didn't drink, really. Didn't molest my four children. Never hit my wife, ever. Or my kids. HONEST TO GOD .. never had an affair of even the slightest, littlest kind .. none. Made $135,000 a year. Our house had 7 bedrooms and my recording studio built in to it.

So, what in the hell is the problem after 15 years?

My opinion?

It had to have been what I just explained to you.

HAD to have been.

It just took up too much time. And then, winning and winning and winning ... guys now WANT to spend more time practicing, executing, meeting and planning.

Division champions

The Playoffs starting ..

.. conference championships ..


It's a fucking videogame, asshole.

15 years of marriage.

And then, I can't even begin to explain what happen. Can't even start.

Seriously, listen to this (hand to God, on my daughter's soul this all 100% completely true)

I invented ... founded ... created, built, formatted, staffed and ran as Program Director a Rock and Roll radio station for Dix Communications.

When I turned 30 years old .. I chucked my broadcasting career out the window.


I invented ... founded ... created, built, formatted, staffed and ran as Editor-in-Chief a monthly color editorial print golf magazine for Trogdon Publishing

Along came the Internet ... I was offered the position and accepted the title of:

General Manager

.. of a worldwide sports network for the eighth largest Internet company in the world (yeah, we invented myspace and a shitload more). I lived in; Beverly Motherfucking Hills, California.

My stock options alone were worth over a million dollars.

That shit is all real. That's me.

You know what else is real?



A fucking BUM.

Now, these people took me in here (long story why I'm here, has to do with Twitch) .. so .. I have this computer in a very, very COLD basement of a not very nice house. But ... the real fact is ... TOMORROW .. three hours from now ... they come in .. say "Get Out" and I am sleeping on a sidewalk. In December. In Detroit.

I'm Fucked.

With a capital "F".

I can't find a fucking job. I showed PREACHER .. three months this summer, I appliid for ONE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED AND FIFTY FIVE JOBS. I got 2 interviews.

Been divorced now for .. jhees .. 11 almost 12 years, never re-married. My kids don't give a shit. They really don't.

If I was you, I'd be saying "Well, he molested them or beat those kids. Or .. he has some crime in his past or drug abuse or mental issues .. that's why he can't find a job or his kids don't care."

And I swear to ALL that is Holy .. everything I am worth and mean ... that ain't true, man. Not one thing like that, not even close.

Nobody listens to the radio anymore. It's Spotify. Or YouTube. Or Sirius XM.

Nobody .. NOBODY .. pays for writing .. especially sports writing with the Internet around.

And eUniverse, Inc .. my Internet company .. was bought and swallowed whole by Fox during the great dot.com crash. My stocks were worth about a buck forty then.

Any job at Walmart or Sunoco Gas Station or Convenience store I apply for, the manager laughs at "General Manager., worldwide sports network Los Angeles, California" "Inventor and Program Director of a radio station" "Editor-in-Chief of a golf magazine". They laugh. They say "you are so OVER QUALIFIED to run that cash register, it's ridiculous. You'll be here 3 days until you leave for something else." I can't convince them that I am .. truly .. actually .. starving.

After the Internet, I went back on the radio for 12 years. I was rated NUMBER ONE .. #1 ... Cleveland, Akron, Canton ... Northeast Ohio ... for afternoon drive. 8 consecutive years as the Top Jock on the Air. Period.

Nobody gives a shit.

You know how I can get a beer?

I swear this is true.

I was so famous on the air in CLEVELAND .. there's people here in Detroit that KNOW me from that. They lived there or worked there or could pick up the signal here or ..

It is unreal. The ENTIRE BAR comes alive. "OH .. It's DOUBLE D! Seriously? Is it him?"

Yeah, motherfucker, it's him. YA GOT A CHEESEBURGER? HOW ABOUT A WINTER COAT?

I sell my fucking PLASMA to eat food.

What's it all mean?

This "Christmas Party" was .. a lot more than a game thing.

It was like .. the last friends I had ... in the world. Seriously.

And it is Christmas.

You're never depressed or sad until you're HOMELESS ... in a foreign state you know nobody in ... hungry, cold ...

.. and it's Christmas Eve.

It would be much EASIER, I think, if I never had all that I said. Or if I was nucking futs. Or if I was a dope addict.

But, I'm really not. I'm just too goddamn old at 54 to hire. No manager wants to see: "General Manager" "Editor-in-Chief" "Program Director" on a resume. That's usually his job and he don't need that noise. I've tried every field. Hell, the other day I applied to be A DILDO SALESMAN at a sex shop. I shit you not. I called back 2 days after putting in the job application to follow up and say, "Hey .. you know .. how 'bout it? I can work there. Give me a chance." and was told that customer's would get too much of a "fatherly" vibe off of me because of being 54 and it really wasn't the place for me to work.


Look at the time (Eastern U.S.) that I am posting this. Know why it's 4 in the morning and I'm writing on some forum nobody reads .. and know nobody is certainly going to read a post THIS long .. you know why I am doing that at 4 in the morning?

It's too fucking COLD to sleep. No way, no how could I sleep being this cold. And I think I last ate on Friday. Friday morning. A boiled egg.

I'm gonna give it a couple more months of trying hard .. OR .. these people here decide to throw me out in the snow .. for whatever reason .. and then I'm gonna blow my motherfucking brains out.

I got no choice.

Whaadda ya want me to do?

I really have no choice. It's the most logical thing to do.

But, I try not to think of that and tonight helped. Seeing old friends helped.

I appreciate everybody coming.

I wish I could have seen and played once more with Hilly.


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Re: The Battlefield 1942 Christmas Party : Sunday December 2

Postby TheVicar » Mon Dec 23, 2019 10:00 pm

Sounds like a very heavy situation JawBreaker. I hope your hard work pays off soon. Keep searching, because flesh and blood angels do exist...

And it was good to see a load of '42ers turn up on Sunday. Combo SundayService and Xmas Party success confirmed

Dunno about the employment system in the USA, but can you not just start lying out of your teeth about your previous employment and skills? Its not my cup of tea but are there any sales jobs you can do, or teaching/mentoring jobs? Where your "gift of the gab" (as we say in the UK) would fit in? Are there employment agencies? Or charities that you can sign upto to work for housing/food until a paid job comes your way?

Personally, when referring to BF1942 and BFVietnam, the 2 of them ironically saved me from getting married twice. You don't say no to a woman when they ask you to marry them - and hang around for too much time afterwards! They tend to select excess revenge after that kind of a denial

The best of luck to you and all who read this thread


I recommend running away if you say no too much. History proves the outcome gets very confused and messy:
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Re: The Battlefield 1942 Christmas Party : Sunday December 2

Postby Bad Actor » Mon Dec 30, 2019 12:42 pm

Aww nuts.

Only just seen this.

I would have been up for it as the last time I played online with JB and Hilly was a blast on Teamspeak.

Happy New Year JB.
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Re: The Battlefield 1942 Christmas Party : Sunday December 2

Postby iCQ » Mon Jan 06, 2020 6:51 pm

MERRY 2020 JAWBREAKER... (sorry man, shit is going on, sorry to hear that be strong)

LOVE YOUR POST (crazy long but nice, speak from the heart) ;)
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Re: The Battlefield 1942 Christmas Party : Sunday December 2

Postby iCQ » Tue Jan 07, 2020 5:42 am


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Re: The Battlefield 1942 Christmas Party : Sunday December 2

Postby Horza » Tue Jan 07, 2020 3:24 pm

You are really crazy ICQ, godness
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