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New BF1942 fanpage (and HQ)

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New BF1942 fanpage (and HQ)

Postby iCQ » Fri Sep 13, 2019 6:10 am

Hi peeps,

The basis of the new server is setup. I have news and a forum/board up and running. U can find news about events and other Battlefield 1942 related things.

The new site is: http://bf.SPCL.tk

I also have a bunch of downloads and tools for you guys. Currently working on the LINKS section. I want to add all the major BATTLEFIELD pages i can find on the internet.

Also i try to see if i can help out The Vicar a bit with his awesome work on making videos inside the game. Another thing i am working on is a "anti-cheater" system that goes around and above servers and its admins. I took a few scripts that i wrote for unreal tournament and apply it in here. Also we team up with the other major anti cheat bf club that is active.

Anyway if u like u can take a look and leave a message if something is not work well or display right.
I do my best to make this site accessible and usable for any device. Mobile or big screen telly....

So if u have any BF sites u think is worth adding share with me please.

Foremost i try to add to the community, this server =aX= is excellent (i miss George very much SSK! He is a good guy!). Hillbillyninja is now admin at SiMPLE (nice work man thanks for the hard work), the SiMPLE server is really running well (check them out guys).

Some other servers doing great... but we have a serious problems with some odd-ball trolls. I even suspect there are people who sneaky try to sabotage =aX=, competition of other servers? Or just mental cases?

It really makes me sad to play in the server and see people leave crying about someone who is messing up the fun for everybody. I cannot do much about it except be friendly and be around. Note this is not a complain to bad management on =aX= side. George was great admin and available, Robert is good guy and works hard too (not see him so much) and SSK i see sneak in every now and then but i know this man must be busy.

Anyway... my 2 cents... got more in the mill but that will come later. Be well all!

Over and out.

p.s. remember give noobs the chance, help out a bit... and warn people about the tight ban systems!!!
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