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Who is the "Old Gang" left in Battlefield 1942?

Discuss. About Battlefield. 1942 of course.

Who is the "Old Gang" left in Battlefield 1942?

Postby JawBreaker » Mon Nov 19, 2018 5:41 am


Poker is an old game.

People still play it.

Mostly because it's the people you play it with that makes it fun.

You joke with each other. You give each other shit. Silly stuff happens so you make fun of each other.

See, we've gotten to the point with BF42 that it is no longer about the game, really. It's about the PEOPLE you play the game with. I'd like very much to come back to 42 full time for gaming if the old gang was around to joke with.

So .. who is that "Old Gang"? Who are the guys you like playing with and joking around with on the server? Who will you jump on and play because he is playing? (Or in Hilly's case .. SHE is playing .. he's a poon hound worse than James Bond is a poon hound)

There's a whole bunch of threads here about "this guy is a shithead and he did this wrong and that wrong and I hate him".

Well, help me out and throw your two cents in .. let's do a positive thread. The guys that you like playing BF42 with that are still playing at least a few times a week.

I'll add more as I remember them. You do too.

There's me and Hilly and PREACHER ... we're the Ohio-West Virginia-Kentucky triumvirate.

And Vic, of course. (That's 'The Vicar')



Falcon (I like the dude. He's a good guy)

The Elite Players like Ominous .. Outlaw ...

and, of course, the royal pain in the ass that is rolle goritz. He shoots me all the time. He shoots everybody all the time.

Romans 10:9 used to come around for Battle of the Bulge.

ICQ and Graizer. ICQ is a little angled and obtuse but he's been around long enough now that he's one of us now.

Deckard Cain is a cool dude. He plays mostly in the day, our time. Really elite player, very good.

MAXIMUS Cro never talks but he's a good guy and an elite tanker

And CroCop but he only plays late at night.


Friggin' m00. Elite m00. He can never kill anybody because we can smell him so far in advance.

He's a sneaky motherfucker, though. Elite Forces, Green Beret kinda player.

fatmush is a great guy but hasn't played in a while

SwissChz is a good dude, if you can get him to talk

Moron #14 is a good guy but isn't around as much anymore

Poor RONIN. I think he quit on us. Along with Comrade Ivan. They both are gone now. They used to be a great part of "The Gang".

Those are the ones I can remember. You guys help out with guys you like to play with.

Really, all it takes to be a part of "The Old Gang: is to talk some shit and make some jokes and just be a good guy to play the game with.

Maybe if we can get a good comprehensive list of everybody cool .. me and Hilly will set some day soon and we'll all try to get on at the same time and broadcast on Twitch all of us playing and talking together.

See who you can add that I missed ..


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Re: Who is the "Old Gang" left in Battlefield 1942?

Postby Bad Actor » Mon Dec 10, 2018 12:49 am

I'm still here.
Although I spend more time on the simple server as they have decent admins like Hillbilly.
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