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Suggestion: Reduce AA Cannons respawn time

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Suggestion: Reduce AA Cannons respawn time

Postby KA Towns » Mon Jun 04, 2018 2:37 pm

I suggest cutting Flaks respawn time by half, or something similar.
Thats one thing i think that will improve the server by alot.

Since flaks are easy to kill and gone most of the time, many maps are ruined by planes that have no counterplay.

At the moment, planes are both harder to kill, and spawn more than flaks. Because everyone knows where the Flak is, it gets bombed quick. And once an AA gun at a base is gone, it becomes a misery for all players at the base, except the few plane guys above.

No counterplay for planes also means players spend alot of time just running and trying to get to flags, either on foot, or in tanks and jeeps, only to be bombed somewhere and then having to repeat it all over again. This will continue, but it will be less punishing if you have abit more room to stop planes.
KA Towns
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Re: Suggestion: Reduce AA Cannons respawn time

Postby iCQ » Mon Jun 04, 2018 3:56 pm

I so much agree with this... i see pilots freak out when they cant get a plane at spawn and when they do they bomb all flaks first then the enemy planes at spawn... very lame and annoying.

Im quite an AA expert now (not the flak ones)... but usually i run to the nearest APC or TANK to get second seat MG... or stationary MG's that u can find on sandbags or Towers... these help a lot against plane campers.
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