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Your favorite BF1942 memories

Discuss. About Battlefield. 1942 of course.

Your favorite BF1942 memories

Postby iCQ » Wed Feb 28, 2018 12:53 pm

Hi guys, oh yeah sorry most of you hate me LOL... get a life its fine.

I was wondering... today i playing some wake... and suddenly it struck me.

What is the BEST time i had in my whole BF1942 carreer? And i share with you but i also like to know about your story.

For me it was before r2r and ww2. Just after the game been released. Most popular map back then was WAKE for all the obvious reasons (DICE team not selected that map as the demo map for nothing).

Absolute best memories... 32 player server, full. We on Allied side... its not happen much that Allied wins on wake due to stat padding lazy pilots. You know those guys who think they are ACE because they spawn safe on carrier and can get kill/dead ratio's which look godlike. And since many people refuse to AA defend they can ruin the map in a few minutes for their ego glory.

But what i personally enjoyed most was to see AXIS suffer and run... trying to hide the carrier... FULL with morons who just walk on deck because they all JUST HAVE TO HAVE THAT STUPID AIRPLANE... hilarious.

Flying around in SBD or SBD-T pick out the swimmers and deck dwellers. Seeing those ACE EGO skilled pilots EXIT SERVER because oh BOOO the carrier sank (if only they would leave the plane and AA a bit, teamwork is for idiots they think).

No for me its my most warm memory... when ALLIED wins on WAKE in a fair game with amazing teamwork... medics, engineers and assaults working their ass off to get those goons OUTA HERE.

Always get SBD and attack carrier first... you know tactics or you dont.

So still until this day i LOVE WAKE map... but how long ago did you play WAKE and win as allied?

Logically back then everybody play NO-FF server... because... well.. i dont know what retard admin came up with the idea that ACRADE FPS bf1942 has to be "more realistic"... FF is completely ruin the engineer char on many maps. Together with auto-kick minus players u just cannot use mines anymore when u want to exit and protect your last flag.

What is your best memory? Server settings? Map??? What team u prefered? B17 mega bomb runs on Bocage?

Please share and enjoy,


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Re: Your favorite BF1942 memories

Postby TheVicar » Thu Mar 01, 2018 11:21 pm

A Wake island mod many years ago will always stick in the mind. They put a bridge between the two defguns and made the map into a jeep racing circuit.

Most memorable was when I first started playing and had just moved from the HalfLife online mods DOD,TFC1 etc.
I played 1942 for sometime without ever spawning on or using a ship. I remember looking at them from the shore, firing at each other and firing onto land, and thinking WTF
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Re: Your favorite BF1942 memories

Postby iCQ » Mon Apr 02, 2018 9:30 am

Miss you Vicar *(and George and Hill and many many others)
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