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How do I use this admin command?

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How do I use this admin command?

Postby Professor_Smith » Tue Jan 23, 2018 5:49 am

Hello Folks,
My name is Joshua Hales (known as Professor_Smith in the Bf1942 forums and Grand_Admiral on the servers). I am working on playtesting & doing finishing touches for my minimod, HTroop v1.1, but in the mod near the end of most maps, there are usually bot scouts (using the rocketpack) up in the air, avoiding getting wacked by their opponents. However, the problem, is that they are so smart, that they refuse to come down out of the air, unless there are no enemies around at the time.
So, I looked up some admin commands, and found this one:

game.killPlayer [ID]

I know I can type this into the admin console to have effect, and I think I can use it to kill off any rocketpack hovering scouts refusing to let the map end. However, how do I know what number ID or whatever ID, should go in the [ID] slot? Also, do I use the brackets [ and ], in the command?

I was also wondering if there was a way (a command or a button I can program in) to kill all the remaining bots at the same time in a map?

Thank You,

Joshua Hales
Professor Smith
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