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A Wonderful New Year

Discuss. About Battlefield. 1942 of course.

A Wonderful New Year

Postby JawBreaker » Tue Jan 02, 2018 1:23 am


This year, there will be kids who get their driver's license who have lived their entire lives when there was a Battlefield 1942.

And they won't give a shit.

However .. there's people like us who do.

I was in Los Angeles, California when this game was launched working as a reviewer and columnist for the sixth largest Internet company in the world. I was General Manager of GA. We had 8 million views per month. We made more money than Davy Crockett.

It was my job to know games. 40 hours a week. Every week.

And I am here to tell you .. when you log on to the aX server and play .. you are not just enjoying an online game with friends. You are preserving gaming history.

There's almost no servers left of this grand old game.

But I can't express to you it's importance in the profound scale of the culture of our times. This game founded "Call of Duty" from Activision. How do I know? Because I was there, in the middle of it, 5 days a week. Activision *FLIPPED* *OUT* when this game was released. And they created "CoD" to answer. And, of course, for EA .. it founded all of the Battlefield games that would come later.

This game is the equivalent of Buddy Holly. It founded ALL of the things that came after it. Billions and billions and billions of dollars in commerce .. it all started right here .. with this game. This game changed everything. EVERYTHING.

How do I know?

I was there.

And now you are here. And when your grandchildren are 77 years old .. it will be written in some museum or archive somewhere. And you .. by logging on and playing this game today .. are preserving the modern history of entertainment on the Planet Earth circa the year 2000.

Poker is an old game. Chess is an old game.

People still play those quite a bit.

In the new era, the electronic Internet era .. this game .. this game you are about to play .. is:

The Grandaddy of 'Em All

The Master

Not a cheap sequel. Not a pale imitation.

Battlefield 1942 ..

The Source

Play on, gentlemen.


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Re: A Wonderful New Year

Postby TheVicar » Tue Jan 02, 2018 3:02 am

Good times to you all.

Future searches for 1942 could cause some confusion though. But both results will make me happy:

My favourite arcade game

A very fortunate coincidence.
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Re: A Wonderful New Year

Postby JawBreaker » Tue Jan 02, 2018 3:34 am

I remember that game, Vic.

It sucked ass.


And when this game was announced .. I kinda thought that EA was going to update the graphics and release some arcade rehash.

Boy was I ever wrong.

I wrote this years and years ago .. maybe over a decade ago .. but it was my first BLUSH with BF42 .. the first time I ever looked at it.

It was a new sensation. There was nothing like it. NOTHING like it. It was EVERYTHING. All of it. No paid upgrades. No add on "North Africa" or enter your credit card number for the Pacific campaigns. It was *ALL* there. In the game that you bought for $50.


BF42 .. it is truly amazing. The best way I know how
to describe this to you is the first time I ever saw Battlefield 1942. It
was on this map called "Midway". I spawn in .. I didn't know what to expect
.. at all. I mean, I didn't read the press releases, I didn't read previews.
I didn't know nothin' about nothin'. So, this is my very first impression ..
ever. When I spawned in .. there were these HUGE battleships .. cruisers
maybe .. firing back and forth at each other out in the sea .. something was
going on out there .. I stood there and watched it for a minute or so
thinking "DAMN . .. that's some pretty intense naval warfare going on
there." Then this submarine surfaces .. HOLY smokes, wow ... and then I see
.. these tiny dots off in the distance going up in the air. What the hell is
that? I look closer, they are airplanes flying off an aircraft carrier and
now, they are are buzzing around these ships like flies. UNBELIEVABLE
simulation of Pacific warfare in WWII. Jhees-o-man. Then, I hear a rumble. I
look around and across this bridge here comes a damn tank! Well, what's the
button for dig a damn hole and hide in it! He doesn't notice me. Whizzes
past turns and fires at a truck looking thing (APC) with a machine gun on
it, there's a bunch of guys there firing bazookas at the guy leaving smoke
trails. Then .. all of the sudden .. ZZZZZZZZZRRRRRrrrr .. here comes this
plane out of the sky .. another one following it just firing like a madman
.. then *BOOM* *BOOM**BOOM* .. what the hell is that .. it's anti-aircraft
firing .. the one pilot does a barrel roll and flies off in to the sky with
the other plane in hot pursuit. Great googily moogily. Well, this tank ain't
wantin' no part of the Bazooka Boys so he turns and he heads right for me.
'Bout that time, ANOTHER plane comes dartin' out of the sky hell bent for
election.. and KABLAM .. dive bombed and the carcass of the tank FLEW OVER
MY HEAD .. Holy ****, man. That was UNBELIEVABLE. Finally, some type of boat
lands and there's three guys in it, they are firing machine guns like crazy
so two other guys come over there and they get in some wicked squad battle
type thing. They end up killing those guys and taking off in a jeep.

At that point, I just turned my machine off.

I just turned it off.

I just sat there.

I didn't know what to make of the thing I just saw because ... all of those
things were ACTUAL PEOPLE doing ACTUAL THINGS on a simulated battlefield.

I been to three county fairs and a buzzard f#$k and I ain't never seen
nothin' like that first time I saw Battlefield 1942 in full blown MAYHEM.

That was it. I pretty much don't play any other games now.

That's Battlefield 1942.
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Re: A Wonderful New Year

Postby chief_HEMP » Thu Jan 04, 2018 11:30 am

A late happy new year to you all

1942 - i fall victim to some games with that magic digit in it.

There was Task-Force 1942. a marine battle simulation which let you play the pacific campaign as either a yank or a japs. Game still run's in a dosbox here.

then there was Pacific-Air-War-1942: single player dog fighting sim, chunky graphics and blazing fast for the time beeing.

and there is bf1942.

BF2 and BF4: played it - meh

i just wish people would start playing mods too.

well nvm - see u on the battlefield.
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