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Postby JawBreaker » Tue Nov 07, 2017 5:22 pm


Every once in a while, the Battlefield 1942 community is inundated with a wave of hacks. Most of these are old but sometimes they are new. It's almost like BF42 is used as a "learner's course" to learn how to write hacks because we have no Punkbuster anymore. So, someone somewhere, writes a new hack and the seven people subscribed to some illicit forum on some dark website somewhere tries it out. They have some fun with it, piss us all off, and then, because the game is so old, they move on to something newer.

It would seem we are inside of a wave right now.

There is nothing we can do about it except communicate with each other. Then, your actions are personal .. whatever you decide to do. Personally, I just quit. One of the major contributing factors to the entire collapse of the last American Battlefield 1942 server "Moongamers" was an infection with the admins of that server. Unfortunately, the powers that be there have an unbelievable attitude of elite arrogance and closed minded perception of anything that may be different from their opinion. Hillbillyninja tried in a very level headed informed way to notify them of the hacking issue among their admins. He was ostracized, ridiculed and eventually just quit going there. This follows my efforts to tell them about the same issue and .. I was always a "clan" man .. so my opinion was entirely invalid with them. I founded and commanded many clans in CAL & TWL & 3FL and such and Moongamers was the absolute "anti-clan" server. They considered clans evil .. which I never really understood but .. whatever. I confronted them with a screenshot .. which I showed to Hilly .. of an admin there going 103-0.


So, they banned me for life. I think if you combine the letters "J" and "B" on their server in chat, it's a month ban. If you mention the name "JawBreaker" on their forums or in chat, your cat gets electrocuted on the spot.

It's tough to tell hacking. Sometimes, guys are just good. Sometimes, it's just a ping game. Their ping is so superior to yours, it looks like hacking but it is not. So, how do you tell?

There are three main hacks in BF42 ..

.. far and away the most prevalent of these is a mini-map hack. It shows all players. This is very useful for pilots, they use this a lot.

More rare is the "damage amplifier". I call it that .. I don't know what the actual name of it is .. but the effect is an amplifier to their fired shots. Some people call it an accuracy hack. That's not entirely incorrect. Because where you shoot on a player varies the damage they take so .. to hear someone call it an "accuracy hack" .. that's the same thing.

The last hack that I have seen is too obvious and it gets people kicked immediately. There is a hack that allows folks to change their kit without dying.

Now that you know the general hacks there are .. how do you tell?

Well, the one tell-tale sign that is surefire is .. kill totals. To say somebody is better than the rest of the server is not valid. It might be that they are hacking and achieve the top spot because of a hack .. because otherwise they would totally suck .. but just because somebody beat you in a firefight does not mean they are hacking (See: Hedley).

BUT .. when a player so radically BLOWS AWAY the server in score .. that's a hacker.

.. like this last night on the aX server ..


See how the top guy has 122 kills .. and the NEXT guy has 25?

That's a hack, guys. There is pretty much no way that can happen. It is CONCEIVABLE but .. it's a hack. FIVE TIMES the second place guy, that's a hack. You couple that with some flag points so you know he wasn't exclusively artillery or a plane for the entire map. And then you have me .. a regular that knows every good player in this game and this is NOT one of them .. and I present the evidence to you.

To show you this was not three people screwing around in the server at 3 AM ..


It was pretty much a full server.

Vic was there for a while and I tossed the possibility out to him. I'd like to hear what he says about it.

There is another way to really determine if a guy is hacking. This is pretty fool proof .. if you do it right.

We have gotten to the point where .. the regular guys who play BF42 .. know everybody else. It's getting to be a smaller and smaller group. There are a bunch of us where you know our names. We're regulars that have been playing for over a decade so we know. And, to be blunt, we're good. We medal pretty regularly. If you think somebody is hacking, ask a regular guy for some help. He'll follow him in Death Cam and .. we'll be able to tell right away if the guy is hacking or not.

But the fact is .. there is not a goddamn thing we can do about it.

We can try to shame the guy off of the server.

Vic saw me last night use a passive aggressive approach that worked. You tell the guy how great he is in chat and comment about all of his moves and kills in chat until it suddenly dawns on him that somebody is watching his every move .. he gets paranoid that I am an admin and quits.

That's about as far as we can go with it. We're generally powerless.

People ask if some guy is hacking or accuse people.

It would seem, from the evidence I have shown here, there is a new wave of hacking in BF42.

Their accusations might be correct for the next couple weeks until this dies down again.


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Re: Hacking

Postby JawBreaker » Tue Nov 07, 2017 11:46 pm

And from the concept of .. "maybe the guy had the round of his life .. out of his mind" ..

This just happened on the aX server:


Same guy ... and notice how his teammates .. players in the same tactical situation as him .. the BEST of the others .. had less than half the kills he did.


This instance is not as egregious but still quite ludicrous.

That's a statistical anomaly. THAT's how you catch hackers.

And furthermore, this anomaly pattern has now been repeated.
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Re: Hacking

Postby Troolool » Tue Nov 07, 2017 11:58 pm

i dont know how many time he killed me,sometimes he just watch me and i'm dead
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Re: Hacking

Postby JawBreaker » Wed Nov 08, 2017 1:18 am

After you commented Troolool, I saw you were both playing so I came on the server.

I followed him the entire map.

He was unbeatable .. UNDEFEATED .. in a one-on-one gun battle. He never lost. The only time he died was when somebody had ex-packs set up in a trap, fire from the main shell of a tank or a grenade. He didn't die any other way.

I saw him walk up to hidden players and gun them down.

So, that's a mini-map hack and a damage amplifier .. or accuracy .. hack.

Here's one more instance of proof. This is at Caen. He never played artillery or tank. He never got in a gun emplacement. He was on foot the entire time. And this was his score:

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Re: Hacking

Postby Nateos | George » Wed Nov 08, 2017 1:27 pm

something fishy . yesterday at bulge i tried 1 on 1 as inf . i lasted for 0.2 sec against him. maybe he s just good as infantry guys . but yes he seems to be shooting golden bullets .really i cant tell
Nateos | George
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Re: Hacking

Postby TheVicar » Thu Nov 09, 2017 1:14 am

Yeah, I can confirm his abilities. I was on the same team and was walking behind him. I didn't have to do anything as he was just almost instantly killing everything in front of us. I thanked him until it was pointed out that he was hacking. It was late night for me and I was almost asleep.

Apologies JB as I didn't video him. I'll be on the ball next time.
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Re: Hacking

Postby JawBreaker » Thu Nov 09, 2017 5:08 am

Ah, we don't need video of him, Vic. If we did, I'd get it. I have everything to do it right here. The evidence is in those stats I posted.

So .. there was an interesting development this evening.

It would seem the players on the server .. in the American evening hours .. have come to the conclusion that .. without an admin taking action .. they'd take action of their own. They've seen enough, I guess. There were three players .. one even named "TitaniumAssassin" .. and they chased this Titanium guy around the entire map. And they were on his own team. And they incessantly tk'ed him. Constantly. And constantly and incessantly screamed at him in the chat that he was a "shit face" and "dirty cheater" and a variety of similar forms of high satire.

It was bedlam and chaos.

These guys decided they had had enough.

I watched him personally ruin two maps. He just got the most important "Main" base on Tobruk & Bulge and .. there was pretty much no way to kill him. Destroyed the map.

The player count was way down .. in the thirties .. tonight. Can't say directly it had to do with this. But, it probably did.

This guy is causing chaos and hurting your server pretty bad.

This escalated much faster than I thought it would.

It's an uprising and people have generally had it with this guy.
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Re: Hacking

Postby TheVicar » Thu Nov 09, 2017 6:45 am

Some video footage has come to me via an in-game contact.

The footage is very limited, and of poor quality, but does it show a hack which allows you to change from medikit to gun very quickly?

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Re: Hacking

Postby Posi » Thu Nov 09, 2017 10:38 pm

Again , running another server down on forums. For what reason? As an Admin for the server you are running down.. I don't even recall why you were banned, and Protocols prevent discussion and they sure as heck prevent dragging it to another forum. However... I looked it up ( Guess what folks - IT ISN"T for the reason he claims ).

I do remember multiple post from you, usually a book where you attempted to explain your opinions to the entire server, and entire Admin team as if they knew nothing. As if they were not a Legacy server sending in PB bans Globally before %90 of the current servers existed.

Your assumption on the Power Players being the first ones to Cheat is Asinine.

Your experience Grading a server is null. If it was on your say so, clean players would be banned daily.
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Re: Hacking

Postby iCQ » Thu Nov 09, 2017 11:54 pm

Ey Jawbreaker and hi Posi sir how you doing??? Hope you ok and OH bfor i forget hope you have a great xmas there!!!

*you too JB and Nateos George and YOU TOO THE VICAR! :) miss ya you crazy fella

Anyhow... pfew moongamers... they have a great forum and teamspeak channel. Also i, like you jawbreaker, i play moongamers for many years on several different games! (TF and CS i think)

Moongamers is a large professional club with, yes, strict rules and MANY MANY admins and players.

Moongamers used to be SUPER TIGHT... the rules there OMG and some admins are just PPPFFFF...

Me personally, since day one i play there, i like it alot, Moongamers is nice (my opinion)

OK, i not play on Moongamers as much as on our own clan server. Or as much as i played here on =aX=.

Jawbreaker, do you remember the days on Moongamers. That the MOTD (message of the day) they used had a christian flavored "list of rules". There you could not even say FVCK or GOD DAMNIT! :lol:

It was a safe heaven for the really young players. Whom would be protected from bad language and cheats.

The only problem left on moongamers was, not that you had to be nice to god and his followers, but that the kids playing there actually had to try to kill another player! The gore... the blood... the KILLS!!!!!

Jokes aside... i got to know some moongamer admins and most of them are really nice cool fair people. If the ping was better for me i would play there every week and i would already made a donation.

Code: Select all
The matter of talking about cheats is i believe forbidden on most game forums. Even which cheats there are and their names must be a secret. I think its a proven statistical fact that the more you talk about it the more people will google>download>try. Thus i somehow agree with the admins and the rules...

There are places on the internet where cheat coders and their "clients" (usually they behave more like fans or groupies) freely talk about all the cheats you can dream of. And how they are made AND what the fans want! And often even how you can get them (the hard way) without paying for them. Where those places are i obviously do not SHARE.

my 10 cents,
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