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For Konnie ..

Discuss. About Battlefield. 1942 of course.

For Konnie ..

Postby JawBreaker » Fri Jul 14, 2017 6:02 pm


Hey konjina ..

I had breakfast with my son this morning and I was talking about speaking with you last evening. How you had a Mexican Strat and my Mexican Strat and so on and so forth. I said, "I never recorded any songs with it because I don't really play it having all the V's and synths and stuff around."

He says, "No, I have a recording of you playing that Mexican Strat. In fact, I have two recordings."

I was stunned. I said, "How in the hell do *YOU* have recordings of me playing a Mexican made Stratocaster?"

He says .. "You remember that band I was in back in the nineties?"


I was pretty much stoned through the nineties.

So, he said .. "We ask you about 25 times to play with us and you never would. So, you said: 'You dudes learn some Chuck Berry and I'll play with you.' " So, we all said "Who the fuck is Chuck Berry?" And you went ballistic on us. "He only INVENTED the fucking scales you are playing right now, that's all." And then you went on your 20 minute dissertation how Buddy Holly invented all of modern rock .. how every different song Buddy Holly ever did invented an entire GENRE of rock and roll.

And he says .. he goes, Konnie .. "So, Billy the drummer said: Did Chuck Berry play lead for this Buddy Holly guy or something?".

"So, that pissed you off enough that you taught us 'Johnny B. Goode' for the next two hours. Which I would later come to find out was not really Johnny B. Goode at all but some strange Dave Dial meets Judas Priest meets Black Sabbath derivative in your addled mind of Johnny B. Goode."

That was a pretty good line and I laughed at that.

So, anyways .. he sent me this file and I listened to it and .. it's just me jumping in with some bunch of kids and playing lead with them. Mostly to educate them on Chuck Berry. The file is not .. EMBARRASSING .. I mean, it is what it is .. there is a run in there at about a minute and forty seconds. Listen to the run down the neck. Now, *THAT* doesn't suck. It's decent.

So, allegedly, I am playing my red Mexican Stratocaster here.

I have no memory of the event.

But, evidently, it made an impression on those young boys.


Now, from a technical guitar standpoint .. listen to this ..

I said to Beaux "What did the dudes in the band say after we got done?"

He said .. that was insignificant .. it's what you played a couple weeks later.

I said, "I played with you dudes AGAIN?" He says "Yeah, we were trying to play some Britney Spears kinda song that we wrote for this hot chick we were trying to get to sing for us."

Pussy? Well, that's very different.

I said, 'Where do I fit in to this equation?"

He said, "We were trying to impress her so we brought you in to add some heavy metal lead .. the kind that you play .. to fatten the track .. to give it a different texture."

Now, this is all news to me. I don't remember this shit.

"So, you brought in your white Gibson Flying V and just .. shredded .. the neck of that guitar in front of that girl."

And I started laughing.

And he goes, "And when you got done, you dropped the plug on the ground and walked away .. still wearing your guitar! I always thought when people talk about somebody "dropping the mic" I remember my dad dropping the plug out of his Flying V and walking away. It seemed intensely superior to "dropping the mic"."

So, he sent me the sound file and I uploaded it for you. The song *BLOWS* hardcore and I cut it all out but the small little bit they wanted me to play in front of this high school chick they were trying to impress.

You get Trim in a room and .. I just show off. Out of my head. It's a primal thing. Alpha Dog kinda-deal.

Hear the short cut here:


So, in conclusion, I said, "OK, so .. what did the dudes in the band say after this happened then?"

They said:

"Your father is from Outer Fucking Space"


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Re: For Konnie ..

Postby iCQ » Fri Jul 14, 2017 7:32 pm


Gimme a ride man!

Sorry im not Konnie but oh well.. i stfu :-)

(i gotto go back to the other topic about guitars and reply there)

BUT.. i have something to post as well.. gimme a minute and TAKE CARE space cadet!
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