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BFleague.eu Summer Event

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BFleague.eu Summer Event

Postby Zody » Mon Jul 03, 2017 5:07 pm

Posted by Mitch:

Hello fellow players,

in regard of the results we got from the strawpoll we would like to present this year's summer event.

Let's start with the most important things you need to know:

Timeframe: The event will take place starting from 31.07 with an open end toward the start of the next league season.

Matchdays: Will be every sunday. Respectively the first matchday will be 06.08.

Signups: Will run via a thread created on the forum for each matchday. Regular signups will close 12:00 sunday noon. Whoever fails to sign up in time might still have a good chance to play but will be treated with lower priority. If you want to apply as a team captain for the respective matchday, please fill that into your signup post.

Maps: The mappool will consist of all memo maps listed in our map section under exclusion of the ones that have been played during the past 2-3 seasons. Furthermore we decided to add the 9 most played vanilla maps of this season to the mappool. More about mapchoice can be found below.

What else is important: Presence on our teamspeak server will be mandatory. Anyone that leaves a war on a matchday prior to the end of it has to reckon with penalties or an exclusion from the rest of the event.

Now for the format of the event for all the people that care and got the stamina:

Since this event has been majorily influenced by a discussion started off in the league forum and was initially planned as a free-for-all event. We would like to carry on this idea and ask any of you guys to pass on information to this event to anyone who might be interested to participate.

Other communities like SiMPLE or aX are welcome and so are people who would be willing to stream some of the wars to attract some more attention and maybe awaken interest in new players to join our community.

As you might have guessed already: Teams participating on a matchday will be randomly drawn from the people who signed up. So none of you will have to play all matchdays with someone you don't like, the drawing process will be repeated anew for every single matchday which is why you have to signup for each matchday.

Ranking & Gameplay-Rules:
Everything will be played and ranked by the league rules. But points tickets etc. as we know it from a regular league season will now be assigned to each respective player that participated in a match.

A leaderboard with information on the current standings, and maybe some additional statistics will be provided on the league site.

Structure of a matchday:

Monday - signup-thread will be opened
Sunday 12:00 - end of signup

Min. playercount for a matchday are 12 signups otherwise it'll be canceled. Matchmaking will be as follows:

12-27 Players -> 2 Teams -> 1 Match
28-41 Players -> 4 Teams -> 2 Matches
42-55 Players -> 6 Teams -> [...]

Pre-selected teams/captains and their matchups+matchserver will be announced on the league page together with one admin that will be in charge of the matchday. If there are not enough signups for teamcaptains, admins will be auto-filled as captain. If there are not enough admins too, then random players will be auto-filled as captain.

20:00 - Recommended time to join the respective TS channels and discuss mapchoice. Mapchoice has to be transmitted to the admin in charge by 20:15. Otherwise the admin in charge will pick a map for your team.

20:30 - Until this time late signups with the admin in charge are still possible. With 20:30 this window closes and players joining later are only permited to participate if they replace someone that leaves early. Start of the matches.

Even more information:

In case of uneven playercounts: Either the admin in charge or a player that signed up late will have to cast or spectate the match. Leaving during a match without finding a replacement for yourself will result in a penalty point.

If you want to signup your server as a potential matchserver make sure that league-settings are applied during matchtime and that event-logging is enabled. Providing an event-log of the matchday will be mandatory and helps to get additional data. Screenshots are obligatory but it would be nice if they were provided nevertheless.

Mapchoice: Each map from the mappool can only be choosen for a single matchday. So if Bocage get's chosen on the first matchday, it will be removed from the mappool.
Finally the mappool with our recommendations for team-size:

Abandoned City, Faid Pass, Goose Island, Karden Khaos, Operation Forager, Vegrandis, Try, Trench, Island of Horror, desna river

Al Jarah, Bulge Battlefront, Carentan, Dambuster, Eagles Nest Vanilla, Grutz Point, Hagano, Kbely Airfield Vanilla, Marshall Islands, Omaha Sector D, Russlandsturm Rebuild Beta, Salerno Vanilla, Schneeman, SM Zweit, The Great Pursuit, Tigerpass, Un Ihantala, Strasbourg

Battle for norway, battle for tarawa, border war, North Sea Docks, Malaria, Operation Sylt Enh, Saintsauveur, Warschau, Operation Chariot, Burma, Konagi, Kasserine, East Docks

Plus the thus far 9 most played vanilla maps this season:
Bocage, Kharkov, Battleaxe, El Alamein, Gazala, Kursk, Stalingrad, Aberdeen, Battle of the Bulge

Maps can be found here:
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Re: BFleague.eu Summer Event

Postby JawBreaker » Mon Jul 03, 2017 11:58 pm

I'll tell ya what, Zody. I'll probably stop by and play a few weeks. It sounds cool.

But, I got a proposition for you.

You pick EIGHT of the very best players you can find from that pool.

Let me pick my EIGHT from the American side .. and we'll close down a server with a password and play best two out of three .. my boys vs. your boys.

EU vs. USA

What do you say?

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Re: BFleague.eu Summer Event

Postby Whoopz » Tue Sep 05, 2017 4:08 pm

You could also just pick eight guys (or girls, you seem to have no problem finding those *cough*Hilly*cough*) and join the league all together ;)

- Whoopz
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Re: BFleague.eu Summer Event

Postby JawBreaker » Tue Sep 05, 2017 4:44 pm

Nah, you guys put together the very best of the eight that play there ..

And I'll pick out eight people from here.

And we'll do it up.

It'll be fun!
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