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Guitarists unite!

Discuss. About Battlefield. 1942 of course.

Guitarists unite!

Postby ComradeIvanKovolot » Sat Jun 24, 2017 8:50 pm

Besides JawBreaker (former rock star, groupie ravisher), I think there are several guitarists out there.

Lemme try to post some guitar pics or a URL.

Damn, limits on photo sizes... try this link:


2 pics as a teaser:

MagnatoneStereoTwilighter-Line6PodX3Live-PRSHollowbody2-Small.jpg (149.49 KiB) Viewed 12609 times

SteinbergerGL4-MarshallBluesbreaker-Small.jpg (136.89 KiB) Viewed 12609 times
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Re: Guitarists unite!

Postby JawBreaker » Sun Jun 25, 2017 6:28 am

Damn, Ivan.

That is totally mind blowing cool!

I love that BluesBreaker. And all the guitars look fabulous .. especially the Martin acoustic. I have never owned a Martin .. I always lusted after one. I have three acoustics and I got caught on the Ovation trip. I saw David Gilmour play one live when I saw Floyd in the eighties and that sound .. that Ovation sound .. I wanted it for myself. The other good acoustic I have is a Washburn Brazilian Rosewood 12 String from 1991. When I played it in the store, it sounded like Styx. It was the greatest sounding 12 string I ever heard. It sounded like a piano so I bought it. The other acoustic is a guitar I have had since I was 11 years old. Every song I have ever written started on that guitar. It's worth $5 at a garage sale but it's priceless to me.

I have gobs and gobs of guitars and most are in storage or .. taken back by the rep or .. consigned at some music store or some shit. Through the years, I keep a few close to me. These were special, very special, specimens that had something .. something different about them. It is my belief that a guitar is made of something once alive, wood, and it can absorb the emotions of other living things. There is a V I am going to show you that is .. spooky .. it screams, bitches and cries. I come in to the control room and listen and think "I didn't play that. I DID NOT PLAY THAT." but there it is on the tape (digits, whatever). Also, that V .. Comrade .. there have been solos I have played .. and granted certain chemicals were involved but .. DAMN MAN .. I listen to it back and say "I'm not that fast and I am NOT that good." That guitar .. does shit I don't tell it to do. It's fucking SPOOKY, man. I got it from a pawn shop in Memphis, Tennessee and the way it screams and cries . .I believe some heroin addict probably owned it before me and was a pretty good player .. he just needed a fix and had to sell it. And now I got it and I have had it for 22 years and there are instructions in my will to BURY me with the fucking thing.

Anyways .. you seemed to be a Strat man. I am not. I have tried and tried and tried but .. I am a Gibson guy have been .. always will be .. don't apologize for it.But I had it up my ass that I was going to BUILD a fucking Stratocaster that I could play. So, I bought a 1995 American Strat .. which you see pictured below .. and Floyd is my favorite band so I bought this intensely expensive David Gilmour DG-20 insert .. which you see in the pictures. I took it to these guys I have work on all my guitars .. they are called "Lays Brothers" .. big sign in their shop "Luthier to the Stars" and they have pictures of BB King and Eric Clapton and Eddie Van Halen and every other fucking guy you can think of with "Thanks for setting up my guitar!" written on it before the autograph. Dudes just ship their guitars to these guys, they fix them, wire them, set them up .. whatever .. and they ship it back to them. It's insane the way a guitar plays and sounds after they get done with it.

Anyways ..

Took it those dudes to have the EMG DG-20 Stratocaster insert installed professionally .. and they did it.

And it sucked ass.

Couldn't play the fucking thing. It's just not me, man. I want to play a Strat. I'm just not mentally imbalanced enough to do it properly. The Stratocaster has that bizarre friggin' sound like "OOOOOOH" like some crazy fucking guy that didn't take his meds. It's a matter of taste and I don't degrade anyone who plays one. So .. here's that Strat. I picked it out because you said you liked white ..



Here's a closer look at that EMG DG-20 with the pearl inlays ..


Here's a look at the back with the through-the-body stringing and the skunk neck ..


I used this on a song I did years and years ago .. but only a very specific part. See, like I was saying, Comrade, I play a totally different type of guitar style. With the integration of computers along with synthesizers, I have a full studio of Major Shit. Racks of synths .. and all of it integrates in to my guitar. I achieve that through a Roland GK-2A and a GI-10 interface. So, basically, I play my Gibson and it comes out any goddamn instrument I feel like it being. For example, the horns you hear in this song, that's me playing my guitar. How about the synthesizers you hear in this song? Me playing guitar. Everything is synthesized. Hell, Comrade, even the beginning ACOUSTIC GUITAR is me playing my Gibson through a Proteus F/X synthesizer .. SET TO "ACOUSTIC GUITAR". It's a great sound. The drums are programmed by me, unless they are sampled .. in which case I arranged them. I mix and match the two. But, everything is synthetic you hear .. and played on my Gibson. All these songs are written and performed by me. I tried to cut them down in time so you don't have to sit through five minutes of my jackass playing before you get to the sound I want you to hear. So .. listen for the small guitar solo before it breaks in to what would be the singing verse .. if I included the vocal track here.

is the one time that you will hear JB playing a Fender Stratocaster on a recording. And that Strat you hear is the one just pictured ..


Now, there is ONE Stratocaster on the planet Earth I do like. I really enjoy this guitar and I keep it nearby. I never play it but .. it sounds and plays the best of any Stratocaster I ever played. And, oddly .. you're going to laugh here but .. it is a Mexican Stratocaster. It is about a 1996 model, I believe. I included the serial number below so you can look up the year. But .. damn man .. this thing is .. "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" .. the beginning parts of that song .. that's what this guitar sounds like. When I heard it in a shop, I bought it on the spot. The dude is like "It's .. it's .. it's a Mexican Stratocaster, Mr. Dial." And I was like "I don't give a fuck if it's a Lesbian Stratocaster, I'm buying it." And it is the best Strat I have ever owned or played:


Here's the headstock so you can see that I am not misrepresenting it and trying to pawn it off that it is an American Strat ..


So, those are my two Strats. You looked like a Strat man so I included them. I saw your Tele .. I always wanted to buy a Tele .. mostly because Bruce plays one .. but .. I had fears that they were just a more intense Stratocaster so .. I thought "I'm a Chevy guy .. I don't play Ford". And I left it alone.

Here's a nice picture to make you giggle, Comrade ..


That is my 1983 Gibson Flying V .. that was obviously modified. Randy was the man and the reason that I put out those albums in the early eighties. He was my inspiration. Most people don't realize this, Comrade, but .. I was there .. and it really was this way .. goofy fucking Ozzy was just the lead singer. It was Randy's band. They sold Randy t-shirts at the concessions and nobody gave a fuck what Ozzy bit the head off of today. Ozzy was just a dumbass drunk .. the entire concept was Randy. And then he died. And history re-wrote the truth. But, I was there, man. And he blew me the fuck away. Hardcore.

Here's a closer look at it ..


If you look closely at that picture you can see that I have a music store rack in my house. I have so many guitars that I just bought the fucking rack they use in the music store to display axes. Saves space.

I looked long and hard to find a recording of that particular Gibson Flying V so you could hear it and I only came up with a sketch pad. This was just a drawing I was sketching out for a fuller song .. the concept was .. I had enough with English and German and Russian Rock and Roll. Fuck that, I'm American. Play like an American .. and this is what I sketched on that polka-dotted Flying V ..


Real aggressive sound. And I know you are in to amps but that is just a Digitech rack mount multi-effect with the foot pedal dealio-thing that hooks in to it. Like I said in chat during our gameplay .. I moved on from amps years and years ago. I run my guitar through a Dolby Surround Sound amp and use Cerwin-Vegas all the way around. Well, I use a JBL sub because you don't need an overwhelming sub for guitar. I ain't playing no rap shit (Yo Baby Yo Baby Yo Baby ..... Yo). I run an Alesis Quadraverb on the rears so the delay is longer the farther you move away from the guitar. It sounds about 8 miles deep. But anyways ..

.. here is the main Synthesizer Guitar I play for performance ..

It is a 1984 Gibson Explorer. One owner .. me. This is the guitar that I played on both of Champion's albums. I started playing an Explorer in the early eighties when I saw Def Leppard at The World Series of Rock in Cleveland. That was July of 1980. Nobody knew about Def Leppard then but, man .. we sure did. All the dudes in bands in Cleveland were absolutely sure they were going to be the next Led Zeppelin. We all had their first album "On Through the Night" and boy .. that is EXACTLY the sound this guitar puts out. Listen to "Wasted" on there or "Answer to the Master". That's the sound of this guitar. Later on, Def Leppard went a very weird way and started pouring sugar on people .. and all of us guitar players .. in Northeast Ohio at least .. checked out. Stupid shit. But, their first album was .. our holy grail .. in the early eighties. So, that's why I played this style of guitar for the first ten years of my recording career.

Now, this has a Roland GK-2A synthesizer mounted on it .. installed by Lays Brothers. It runs out in a very odd .. large .. eight pin cord ... and interfaces with a Roland GI-10. That allows me to play any instrument I want .. flawlessly .. through synthesizers. The GI-10 interfaces with the synths and it is just unstoppable great. I don't have to know how to play piano or keyboards .. I have all the knowledge of the guitar neck .. except applied to .. French Horn .. Saxophone .. Hammond B-2 organ .. or a Steinway Grand Piano.

Here she is ..


Here is a closer look at the GK-2A .. yes, I played this guitar on tour .. it is not a flawless trailer queen!


Here's a look at the neck so you can see how Lays Brothers sets this up for me. It's as fast as I can move my fingers. That's how good the neck action is and how flat the frets are .. as fast as I can move my fingers .. absolutely flawless ..


Now, why would I do such a thing and go in such a weird direction with my guitar playing?

Comrade .. this is me .. playing THAT guitar .. (serious, no joke, really really)

https://soundcloud.com/user-179118110/d ... ean-echoes

Every synthesizer sound you could imagine .. you have heard it in some of these songs here. In fact .. IN FACT .. some of the greatest guitar sounds I have ever gotten have been .. setting a good synthesizer to ... a guitar setting ... and then playing .. that guitar.

In fact, on this song .. every .. single .. instrument .. that you hear is that guitar right there .. a 1984 Gibson Explorer .. even the guitar that you hear in the verse (this is an alpha cut before the vocals were added) is a guitar setting on a synthesizer .. with me playing guitar .. a guitar synthesizer. It is set to "Rickenbacher". In the chorus .. it is almost all vocal arrangements .. seventeen different harmonies so I kept the instruments simple .. but that is me on a Roland Jupiter synthesizer that is fading it in with a guitar volume pedal. It's intense .. the shit you can do .. and that is the reason I went in this direction with my guitar playing .. check it out ..


And finally ..

(Jesus Christ, JB .. )

.. and finally we come to my baby.

A 1984 Gibson Flying V Custom Shop.

Check out this color .. you can't PAINT a guitar this color .. it was lily white in 1984 .. but faded to this ..



I love this guitar more than either of my ex-wives.

Here, just to show you, Comrade, that a great guitar is not FLAWLESS .. I pasted together a whole shitload of pictures. Notice the chunk out of it .. buddy, when you own Flying V guitars .. man .. they just sit funny .. and this stuff happens because they fall over. My daughter once asked me why daddy plays Flying V guitars and my ex-wife Tami quickly covered her ears with her hands. Tami knows .. she was backstage all those years ago .. she knows who I am and .. it is facts. You get older and you'd like to lie about it and rationalize it but .. I knocked down more pussy than any man should be allowed to have and still have a penis. The Flying V represents a woman with her legs spread. Period. That's what Jimi said and goddamit that's where the conversation ends.

There is no truth to the rumor that I used to cut pubic hair off of backstage female dwellers and glue it in the "crotch" of my Flying V's. No truth to that whatsoever. Except, ya know, I did.

So, a closer look for you, Comrade:


Notice how the dude before me painted fucking GARFIELD on the case.I was gonna rub it off there with like paint thinner or something and I thought "It will always look stupid .. like a lighter area on the case .. the color wouldn't match" so I left it on there like a badge of honor. I don't necessarily like Garfield but .. it was there so I left it. The stripes are a feature Gibson offered for special Custom Shop guitars. Go look it up on their website .. they talk about it extensively.

And to prove to you that a lead guitar player with hair down to his ass doing cocaine and spraying every cunt from here to San Francisco (there was no AIDS .. it was a great era .. everybody fucked) .. a hedonistic madman of the era that jammed boisterous sounds from a Gibson Flying V in a rock and roll band that released albums in the eighties can .. in fact .. become a dad and a responsible radio announcer with a career ... here is a picture of some of the guitars I showed you and my two boys ..


And here is what my cherished 1984 White Gibson Flying V Custom Shop sounds like, Comrade ... I wrote this song for a particular reason .. so I could play the guitar solo. Every instrument you hear, save for me programming the drums on an Alesis SR-16 drum module, is synthesizers. Except for the guitar solo .. which is my white Gibson Flying V that I showed you above. Listen to it scream and cry. (And yes, that is me singing .. I had a vision of a fat black man in an Alabama juke joint on a hot April Saturday night .. and that's what I did. I generally do not sing.) So, here is The April Fool ..

https://soundcloud.com/user-179118110/t ... of-the-mix

I dunno, Comrade .. writing all of this and editing it (extensively!) .. helped me work through some things in my mind about why I went this way with my guitar playing. I don't think I have really ever said this out loud to anybody but .. I think it was .. after Jimi and Eddie and Randy .. I mean .. what do you want to do with the guitar? The best you could actually hope for is to sound like them. Ya know? So, there was a STYLE of playing you have to teach yourself to be able to play the guitar to make it sound like what you heard. Fingerpicking .. some actual picking mixed with fingerpicking. Sometimes, throwing the pick in the middle of a song and just lightly touching or tapping. It's a whole style to get it to sound like *THAT* .. what I just played you.

So, I went in a new direction for a new age and tried to make a new kind of guitar playing.

My way ..


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Re: Guitarists unite!

Postby ComradeIvanKovolot » Sun Jun 25, 2017 5:22 pm

Jaw, all I can say at this point is... WOW... just WOW! :D :D :D

I will give a more thoughtful reply from there. Just thanks for sharing all that part of your life with me and the AXers.
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Re: Guitarists unite!

Postby JawBreaker » Mon Jun 26, 2017 1:55 am


Well, thanks Comrade.

As we were talking about on the server, it's been an intense life. It really, honestly has.

But, reality is reality and the facts are the facts and the truth is .. I didn't make it in the music business. I failed. We had two albums released and then the record company dropped us. So, that's the truth of the situation .. it didn't work. I didn't make it.

So, I radically shifted gears in my early twenties. And I do mean radically.

I started getting in to broadcast radio. I've got a really good God given voice and it worked out well. I went from West Virginia to Austin, Texas to Atlanta, Georgia to NYC before I said .. "Aww .. fuck this, man. I'm going *HOME*".

So, I sat down with an actual map (days before the Internet, I know it's hard to imagine) and looked for the geographically closest commercial radio transmitter to the town I grew up in. That's in Northeast Ohio (Cleveland-Akron-Canton .. a little suburb called "Lodi").

And I went there, Comrade, rose to Program Director and tore that radio station down brick by brick by brick. It went on the air in 1947 and I re-invented it with Rock and Roll. I did that in September of 1988. And that radio station I built still stands to this day .. same call letters same format same programs I invented in 1988. It's billed millions and millions of dollars.

And then I turned 30 years old .. which freaked me to fuck out. I was getting old.

So .. I completely trashed my broadcasting career .. threw it in the toilet and ..

Invented my own color print golf magazine.

Completely formatted, hired all of the people and structured it and published it as "Editor-in-Chief".

And then I married my boss. I know, it's cliche but .. she was 3 1/2 years younger than me and a pretty smoking hot blonde. Plus, she was my girlfriend in 9th grade and that was kinda cool.

And *THEN* ..

Along came The Internet ..

GOBS and GOBS of money in the dot.com boom.

So, I went to Los Angeles.

I became General Manager of a worldwide sports network for eUniverse, Inc. Lived in Beverly Hills, California. Made more money than Davy Crockett. There was so much money in The Internet at the beginning it was STUPID.

eUniverse was a HUGE conglomerate that invented myspace and FlowGo and a shitload of other things in the beginning days of the commercialized Internet. And then we got bought out by Rupert Murdoch and Fox Interactive.

Now, I know people tend to lie like hell on The Internet so .. I put together a couple of my business cards on the masthead of "On the Green", the golf magazine I invented. Just so you could see what I am telling you is the straight dog truth, period. Absolute truth. I know if I was sitting in your position I would be like "Oh, yeah, right, sure". But, that's what I was saying during the game when we were playing. It's been one helluva a strange trip so far.

I put those songs on the post above so you could hear what I was saying and know that it was true. I put this picture on here so you can see what I am saying in this post is also completely true.

I think I should write a fucking book.

It was a great time in American history and I came along at .. just .. the .. right .. time.

I caught everything .. all the waves.

And I'm still only 51 years old.

I think I got one more in me.

What is it?

If you find out, let me know.

I'm clueless.




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Re: Guitarists unite!

Postby XkonjinaX » Mon Jun 26, 2017 5:21 am

Wow, JB and Comrade, nice guitars you guys have. Amazing!
My collection is small.....well, its not really a collection it's just one guitar now :cry: . I sold my Jackson with EMG's cause I was broke plus I used to be into heavier sound like Megadeth, Pantera....... and it was perfect for that. Right now I toned it down a notch and I'm more into that classic AC/DC, ZZ Top bluesy kinda sound (still love my Megadeth and Pantera tho) so I bought me a Strat. After seeing your guitars I was debating whether I should post it but then I realized JB has a Mexi :D so here's my sexy Mexi :lol:
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Re: Guitarists unite!

Postby JawBreaker » Mon Jun 26, 2017 7:31 pm

That's a beautiful Strat, Konnie. Really nice.

Obviously, Comrade is more of a Strat man and could tell you more about this but .. I remember living through the time period when Mexican Stratocasters first came on the market. It was, as I remember, the mid-to-late 90's .. and American Stratocaster sales fell through the floor. I had a Fender rep tell me that there was a factory 10 miles across the border and they would truck the pieces across the border and have Mexicans assemble it. Evidently, it was exactly the same wood, exactly the same pickups, exactly the same. Except instead of paying $55 an hour to an American to put four screws in a neck plate they paid $1.25 an hour to Mexicans to do it. And then trucked it back across the border to sell.

Evidently, people caught on REALLY fast and Fender put a stop to it. But it took them a couple years to come up with a plan to distinguish Mexican Strats from American Strats. So, there's two or three years there that the two guitars are basically identical.

That's what I remember about living through it but .. who knows with me. I call out my daughter's name to get the dog to come inside.

All I know to tell you is my personal experience .. the greatest Stratocaster I ever played in my life was a Mexican Stratocaster.

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Re: Guitarists unite!

Postby Nateos | George » Mon Jun 26, 2017 8:54 pm

Sry .maybe i m out of topic , but i love reading this thread.
JB, your life is most certainly a living adventure and your wife must be very proud . you seem like a great person with tons of life experience behind you.
i only wish my life was so full.
all you guys, my hat off to you :)
Nateos | George
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Re: Guitarists unite!

Postby Bob Jarunkel » Tue Jun 27, 2017 2:16 am

Different sounds for different purposes I guess and I have a certain degree of affection for all, but playing mostly in the "pop" genre for many years my favourite choice for recording purposes would have to be the 330 & 330/12 Rickenbacker series through an old Vox. Doing live gigs though, will alternate between Ricks, Fenders and the old Gretsch. Just got back home yesterday after 2 months recording with the boys in HK and boy am I glad to be home although for how long I'm not sure. Backmasking anyone? (backwards or reverse guitar for the uninitiated). This little grab is the planned reprise for one of the tracks, albeit rough & unfinished. The vid just for fun. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkiJMCjT-WM
Bob Jarunkel
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Re: Guitarists unite!

Postby JawBreaker » Fri Jun 30, 2017 6:30 pm


Kickass Bob! That tune sounds GREAT!


Surf guitar is very intense and very valid. It's a whole discipline dedicated to it. I couldn't play it, that's for sure. So, I respect that a great deal. Truly.

Growing up in Cleveland, it was Judas Priest, Pink Floyd, Rush and non-stop completely overwhelming Genesis. Old Genesis, of course .. before "PaperPlate PaperPlate" and such. There are several famous interviews with members of Genesis in the seventies where they said they would come to America and tour and it was so bad that one show Peter Gabriel had the audience count off and there was like "32" people at the show!

And then they say, "And then we would come to this .. Cleveland .. place and we'd sell 22,000 tickets. We could never understand that. It was so bizarre."

Being young there, I didn't know it was any different any other place. I thought it was that way everywhere.

So, the surf guitar is definitely a product of the environment you come from. And I deeply respect it.

In all these years I have never had the occasion to lay my hands across a Gretsch so .. if I commented on that guitar, I would be bullshitting and talking out of my ass about something I know nothing about.

I played a Rickenbacker several times and found them an acquired taste. Difficult to play. And a certain sound that is limiting .. that early Beatles, Byrds, early Tom Petty .. twangy sound. It just didn't go much with what I was playing. Although I've seen Rush 11 times in my life and Geddy always plays that 4001 bass. It's like a "Lead Bass" though, not like a bedrock Fender Jazz laying down the bottom from behind.

I don't see you playing too much BF42, Bob.

You should come out and play with us more on the server.

Thank for sharing and KILLER TUNE!


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Re: Guitarists unite!

Postby JawBreaker » Wed Jul 12, 2017 2:48 pm

The day Neil Armstrong walked on the moon ..

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