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Holy Smokes: The British Won At Tobruk!

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Holy Smokes: The British Won At Tobruk!

Postby JawBreaker » Sat Jun 17, 2017 12:26 am


Look at this .. history was made:


The way Tobruk is modded on this server, it's basically impossible for Blue to win at Tobruk.

Absolutely incredible.

We fought our asses off!

Tobruk is all about counterttacks .. and boy did we have them.

This happened Friday June 16th 2017 at 7:15 PM Eastern

I honest to God didn't think this was possible.

What a great match!


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Re: Holy Smokes: The British Won At Tobruk!

Postby iCQ » Sat Jun 17, 2017 12:30 pm

Damn i missed out all the fun!!! GJ for the British :-)

Thanks for the heads-up JawBreaker 8-)
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Re: Holy Smokes: The British Won At Tobruk!

Postby Bad Actor » Sun Jun 18, 2017 8:06 pm

Think I've been involved in a Tobruk match where the Brits won.
Doesn't often happen but get the right team with the right tactics and it's possible.
Get the Brits up and roaming around the desert in jeeps close to the Axis base and nail the tanks as they come out.
Really upsets their game plan.
Terrific map playing as Allied, love the challenge.
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Re: Holy Smokes: The British Won At Tobruk!

Postby JawBreaker » Sun Jun 18, 2017 11:45 pm


Yeah, I have always felt, B.A., this was an intense map with hard to execute tactics.

It can morph from one kind of a map to another.

The British must fanatically counterattack so the Germans gain no foothold. I dunno about your jeep idea. I suppose the infantry could harass the advancing armor but .. that's a pretty tough task and you couldn't really hope for more than just annoying the Germans. If you do get a good shot on the rear of a tank and kill it, that's one point. But putting infantry out there .. that's no defense against a big gun. Wide open. So, everytime an infantryman dies, that's one point. So, it ends up being a self-defeating circumstance putting AT out in the desert. Plus, the server is so big with so many people, guys have to walk from the Axis main to the front when they don't get a tank or APC or Wespe. So, the infantry is exposed to that risk, as well. I think you are in a negative point-count circumstance with that tactic.

You need to create roving bands of armor that is well back from the front lines. The Germans have to come to you .. don't do them any favors by showing yourself. And then .. when a flag does turn .. these highly mobile counter-attack forces have to speed like locusts with radical malice to root out the Nazi menace. Recapture the flag and re-position for the next probing assault.

The wonderful thing about this map is that it usually morphs in to "The Alamo". You're completely surrounded by a superior force and you have to try and hold out. If we could somehow adjust the tickets slightly it would be a completely suspenseful circumstance on who would win the game. As it is, the tickets are completely whacked out. But, it's fun anyways to try and "hold the fort" in the rear. Many heroic acts by players are available for exposition.

The map is truly one of the greats in the history of all of gaming.

I absolutely love it.


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Re: Holy Smokes: The British Won At Tobruk!

Postby Bad Actor » Mon Jun 19, 2017 6:42 pm

Hey JB

Good tactics you speak of there.
That's something we could work out one night on Team Speak, see how it goes.
Get a few Allied miked up and it would be a blast, could be the lightning assassin squad.
Get a sniper spotting long range and direct the hit squad to eliminate the Nazis threat.

My reference to jeeps close to the Axis HQ is based on playing as Axis and as you exit base those highly mobile little f****rs with bazookas roam around close by and pop a cap in your ass. They then take off behind the dunes and the next time you come out you're busy scouring 360 degrees for the little gits. Like flies round a piece of shit they are.
I've found that the Allied adopting that approach really upsets the Axis battle plan as the best form of defence is attack as they say.
Axis will probably still win but certainly delays the inevitable.
What you need is an intelligent APC driver to keep the lakeside defence engineers and tanks supplied with ammo then pull back and go forward to re-supply as required.
Post an assault soldier in every hut that influences the flag status to take out those sneaky buggers that infiltrate and tie up our resources trying to discover where they are.
Mine the main routes into base as far out as possible and park an M10 on the pad with infantry support.

In my opinion, if Allied can last long enough to not force a restart then that is an Allied victory on this map as it stands.
Love it though when it all kicks off and the Axis tanks are coming in from all directions and we all spawn en-mass at the one remaining flag. Hilarious as we all race out into the open and get wiped out in one "MONSTER KILL".

I respect your reference to the Alamo, as an American that is your benchmark.
I've referred to it in game whilst getting raped by the Axis as Rorke's Drift, a more fitting comparison given the defenders are British.
This was real backs to the wall shit.

Rorke's Drift Stats:-

Size of the armies: 139 British troops against about 4,500 Zulus

Winner: The British

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