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If you could mod the BF42 maps, how would you mod them?

Discuss. About Battlefield. 1942 of course.

If you could mod the BF42 maps, how would you mod them?

Postby JawBreaker » Sat Mar 04, 2017 7:25 pm


JB here .. I've noticed in the current state of Battlefield 1942 .. the way players are currently playing and the player count on the aX server .. that there are a few maps that just don't work anymore. My favorite map .. in all the history of Battlefield .. is Tobruk. But the fact is, it always ends up the same. It's 32 guys defending the back flag and nothing really ever happens. It's virtually impossible for the Axis to win in BF42's current state.

So, how would you mod the map to make it more interesting .. a better play experience? I remember .. over on Team Simple .. The Great Escape .. some server like that .. they had a wonderful modded Tobruk map. I don't remember everything about the modding but I do remember they pulled the front flags back a little bit from the sandbags and that forced the Axis to attack a little more. Also, they placed one of the middle flags in that little town before the back base. That made for some interesting city fighting in a desert map. What would you do?

On a related note, I have this massive old hard drive. Tons of data from way back when. I haven't looked at it in years. About a month ago, I was poking around in it and found extensive files on Tobruk. I was the Commanding Officer of the clan Steal Rage. We played in CAL. The first season we went undefeated in league play and advanced through the playoffs. The "World Championship" was played on Tobruk, best two out of three with the teams changing sides after each map. I had 117 guys in that clan and our entire strength was a series of truly elite pilots .. the best in the game. But Tobruk had no planes. So, I made these MASSIVELY intricate files, hundreds of hours of work from The Officer Corps and Squad Leaders on to me .. on our Grand Strategy of Tobruk for the Championship of the World in Battlefield 1942. I had to discern and vet these plans, revise a cohesive strategic vision and then explain this to the officers .. they had to take them to the squad leaders. Then, the squad leaders would break down the intensely specific plans for their individual players. And I oversaw it all through comms and through execution that week as we password shuttered our server and ran rehearsals over and over and over again. Stopping the clock, resetting the clock, giving my officers specific time stamps for squad achievements, tasking squad leaders with individual personnel kit load out for maximum effect, allocating specific asset sheets .. coupled with extensive year long analytics of player performance in each one of those assets .. all to achieve maximum shock and awe coupled with devastatingly cold drop-dead efficiency. Whether here with Steal Rage, later at my command in Reverence .. or even as C.O. at First Army in to Battlefield 2 .. that razor efficiency coupled with flawless rehearsed clockwork execution was always the hallmark of a JawBreaker clan. That's how I did what I did in Battlefield clans. That's how we won all those championships. That's the JB trademark.

Well .. that and screaming at the top of my fucking lungs until I scared the shit out of everybody.

But, anyways, I kept all those files .. for that match .. for all these years.

Man, those were The Grand Old Days of Battlefield.

I wish you guys coulda seen it.

Another interesting map on the aX server is Aberdeen. Basically, the entire map is won in the first two minutes and it just breaks down in to one team coming 100 yards out of their main before they are killed by untold masses of armor on their front gate. So, how would you mod that map?

I noticed extensive and radical mods on Midway. Can't say that I approve of them all. For some reason, this server *HATES* submarines. The subs are only found in Midway and Guadalcanal. And both of those maps have the submarines modded out. It should be noted, in all of the Battlefield canon and all of the Call of Duty canon, these maps are the only two places where you can control a submarine. They are intensely unique circumstances and I am sad that this has been taken out. I do approve of the para-drop mod, though. Well done. It's silly and in no way honors the philosophy of the historical conflict .. and it generally breaks the map but .. you don't have to sit in a landing craft for five minutes and die immediately upon landfall. Only to be tasked with doing it again. And again. And again. The combined arms of massive air .. both land based and carrier based assets .. coupled with varying types of naval ordinance .. and tacked on to armor warfare on the island which supplicates the infantry tactics .. now *THAT* map is Battlefield 1942. And I am sad that the submarines have been sacrificed. That map .. Midway .. represents the apex of all of online gaming in the Battlefield and Call of Duty canons. That's what Battlefield was always supposed to be. Fucking mayhem .. absolute goddamn chaos. That's Battlefield 1942. So, how would you mod Midway if you could for aX?

Kharkov still holds up. Wake is not bad. But maybe somebody has some ideas of those maps.

Please note that: "add airplanes" is never a valid modding idea. Market Garden is an abomination with Axis aircraft. But, everybody seems to do it. When you consider mods, always remember what the game designers themselves were trying to achieve with the map. Market Garden is a classic armor vs. air map with two choke-points. Adding German air destroys the concept entirely. And makes for an unfair map .. as we've mostly seen in the gameplay. Tobruk is "The Alamo". Spitfires would destroy the living and breathing historical examination of a desperate battle. Wake is similar but because of the unique shape of the island combined tactical warfare is perfect as counterattacks and flanking are classic orders from Genghis Khan to Napoleon to Lee to Rommel. There was a reason that the designers chose Wake Island as the demo map.

I have very deep feelings on this subject that have gestated for 15 years of examining these venerable old maps .. and I view them through a shaded lens of deep historical and strategy perspectives. But I'm more interested in what you have to say ..

So let's hear it ..



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Re: If you could mod the BF42 maps, how would you mod them?

Postby Jesus Villamor » Sun Mar 05, 2017 11:30 pm

You could check Experience WW2 mod's "XWW2 Market garden" as IMO one of the best modded/conversion of vanilla Bf1942 maps. Too bad the mod had to deal of very stiff competition with other WWII mods (BG42 and FH) content-wise.
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Re: If you could mod the BF42 maps, how would you mod them?

Postby JawBreaker » Mon Mar 06, 2017 4:56 am


That's a good point, Jesus.

I definitely was not speaking of total modifications .. such as Desert Combat or Battlegroup or Forgotten Hope .. and the like.

Just talking about the modifications of the maps that currently run on the aX server and ideas folks may have about how to make them play a little better and give a better gaming experience. Fair for each side and maximizing the fun factor.

I know the first time I played Battlefield 1 in the fall, I thought "DAMN .. they could mod this in to one HELL of a WWII game" but I was later informed that the days of mods like Forgotten Hope and Desert Combat are long, long gone. I gather that game companies no longer allow such a thing.

So, I guess we can hope in a couple years that when the next Battlefield comes out .. it'll come back home to the game that founded Call of Duty and the entire Battlefield franchise .. our game .. BF42.

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