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Servers rules and feedback

Read them. Obey them. Really.

Servers rules and feedback

Postby Horza » Tue Jan 08, 2019 7:40 am

s[sk] wrote: No cheating, glitching or bugging
There's no justifiable reason to intentionally teamkill
Attacking an uncapturable enemy base is not allowed. Basesniping is not an exception.
Active AA and artillery can be attacked from air even when in uncap base.
Beach flags on Omaha Beach and Iwo Jima are not considered to be uncapturable bases.
Don't steal vehicles from enemy base.
Don't use vehicles as taxi to get to planes or tanks faster.
Please don't spam chat and don't repeat radio commands unless really necessary.
Please avoid excessive swearing, racist comments or any other disturbing and/or annoying behaviour.
If you're asked to change your nickname, do so.
Evading a ban will lead to a permban.

If you're not sure, ask in chat / forum or use common sense if available.

Breaking any of these rules will lead to your kick or ban in order to provide good gaming experience to those who can follow them.

Automatic kicks/bans:

score less than or equal to -4 = minus-score kick
4 or more teamkills = kick
3x minus-score kick = 1 week BAN

Like all we know, the game on this server has rules like every games and S[SK] put some mods to prevent the absence of admins. By the way that's not enough in our times because only 2 or 3 admins are active but not every day and not all day (that's normal).
With the time and experience, trolls and bad player know how to evade the server auto-admin. Some mod become to be a new weapon like I have showed in some videos where a player use it to glitch the ennemy main with plane (anti-vehicule mod).
Some are strong of course like anti taxi police mod (but doesnt work on some maps or for only one team : it works for allies on Bocage but not for Axies).
I think we have to remove the anti vehicule mod from every maps, and put the auto kill mod like on Simple server. The ennemy main kill has to change to allow only one kill with a warning, the second will be a kill. After 3 warnings (and then 3 auto-kill) you're kicked.

For the disruptive players like teamwounder to 1% or tker who disconnect after 2 or 3 minus kill, it has to change. Some disconnect because they know you're auto kill after 4 tk and you have 1min of respawn and at your respawn you're autokick. They know they have 1min to disconnect and join back the server to clean up their history and continue to troll.

By server rules some has to be redefined like main attack. Of course the rules are not really clear, some noobs continue to kill from main with arty or flak and think no impunity for them because they are in main.
What about some games where arty kills all players and the team has only noob pilots who dont go destroy the arty in main (like in Market Garden). And what about Liberation on Caen which 50% games begin with players who stay the arty in main. Some admin allow to kill the sexton with zook (only it) but rules have to be clear.
Is pixelshooting allowed ? Is maincamping allowed ? (I think about useless sniper noobs who stay all game in main like Market Garden or Battleaxe).

Thank you to read me. I hope to open a debate about all of that and hoping ssk could read this topic when he will have time.
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Re: Servers rules and feedback

Postby Troolool » Mon Jan 21, 2019 11:13 pm

kill sniper camping in main is not forbidden,when you kill one of it there are no automessage from server..
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Re: Servers rules and feedback

Postby Horza » Tue Jan 22, 2019 6:00 am

Not sure, on battleaxe you're warned when u do that :/
But during a lost game by a team like on this map just because too much main-camping-sniper, admin has to kick them to wait an auto-balance.
Lot of regular players play only sniper, are selfish and dont play for the team.

By the way we can add the flood-messages, I think with an auto-silence for 10 with 3messages per 3secondes, and auto-silence for 5min after 3radiospam per second.

The fact with short name like "." or whatever. And trolls with the nick "adolf hitler" or "ss soldier" or whatever the form.
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Re: Servers rules and feedback

Postby ComradeIvanKovolot » Tue Apr 30, 2019 12:50 am


Hi mate.

* There ARE base sniping warning notifications from the server on El Alamein for sure, and maybe some other maps.
* I don't know if it will ever result in a kick.
* You might be right that it is not on ALL maps.
* As a long time player, you should probably know that if base raping by entering an uncappable base is not allowed, either on foot or by a weapon, or that artillery into an uncappable base is not allowed, that sniping into an uncappable base is probably not allowed either.

My personal view:

* I loved The Torture Box server where base raping WAS allowed, along with a 100+ player capacity - it was complete mayhem! =X-D
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