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base attack to destroy artillery

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base attack to destroy artillery

Postby general » Wed May 18, 2016 1:50 pm

wespe and priest are pretty annoying. i know it is allowed to destroy it with planes. but is it also allowed to destroy it with grenades? not to base rape but to shut wespe down. :?:
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Re: base attack to destroy artillery

Postby hanyweh » Wed May 18, 2016 3:25 pm

I have to be honest, I do this all the time without permission on Liberation of Caen. I'm sorry if it's against the rules, but there is just no other way there. Some players have learned (I hope that's the case, because most of the time they use no sniper assistance to do it, otherwise they should be cheating somehow, also Sexton is much more easy to operate than most artillery) the exact position to place the gun of their Sexton while safely inside the Canadian main base. They can hit the river flag with such precision, doing 50-60+ kills per game sometimes without being killed even once. What I do is to sneak with bazooka in their base killing the Sexton and everyone who might have spotted me in the process, and sometimes stealing a vehicle (again against the rules, I know) so I can get out of there alive. But what are the alternatives? Relying that friendly sniper may give the location of the Sexton is hopeless really (honestly that has never happened since I'm playing on this server) and approaching the base with tank to take down the Sexton has nearly 0% chance of success. You can also try to memorize the exact position of your Waspe gun and shoot blind, but chances are that you'll hit many other things (if you hit anything at all) before you can even damage the Sexton, which looks very much like baseraping and you'll get kicked/banned by the system or some admin :) . And as I mentioned before waspe is much harder to operate, everytime you shoot your vehicle moves a bit, so you have to switch crew positions to adjust the vehicle position and the gun position all the time and there is always a chance that some idiot may get in the driver seat, while you're shooting and rush you into some friendly mine :D (true story, happens all the time). So yes ... I would like that we'll be allowed to base attack on maps like this (where there are no planes which is the only legitimate way to take down artillery that's inside the enemy main base) within the system warnings (once you start killing frenzy inside the enemy base, the system kicks you anyways so that's a fail safe if things get out of control)

But since we're talking artillery here, what really bothers me is the ship on Iwo Jima which is too OP. I know that's specific for this map, server and admins has nothing to do with it, but that ship is really really OP and I don't see any solution for this problem. Once an experienced player get in the captain seat, he is guaranteed to have 50+ kills and 0 deaths until the end of the map and axis has absolutely no means to stop that. It would take some crazy pilot skills and luck to go very high above the ship in it's blind spot for AA (that's really really small) and dive bomb 12+ times in hope that no enemy plane will attack you during that time, and there is not enough ship crew of engineers to make repairs which will force you to go reload, so you can continue bombing. Those kind of pilots are very rare, most pilots don't bother attacking the ship at all, unless the ally team really sux and there is nothing more meaningful to do. I've seen some crazy scores on this map sometimes (something like 140 kills and 0 deaths). I've tried the ship myself few times and I'm not that good sailor myself, but I've still managed to do 30 kills myself without dying even once. Defguns although effective have no chance against that thing , and it will take 200+ tank shots to sink it, some people even try to shoot it with bazookas :DDD. I know this ship is placed there for historical accuracy, but I think it makes this map all wrong and very unbalanced. Compare it to Wake Island which is very similar map with switched roles, Japanese there have Hatsuzuki and not Yamato, their landing beach does not remain permanent once you capture it, allies on wake have 3 planes vs 2 japanese on Iwo Jima, and they have torpedoes on them (which doesn't really work but still planes are much better equipped with the idea for naval fight)
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