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OMAHA - Intentional BEACHED SHIP Protocol

Read them. Obey them. Really.

OMAHA - Intentional BEACHED SHIP Protocol

Postby MURPHY » Tue Nov 12, 2019 5:44 am

Scenario= Idiot pile-drives ALLIED SHIP directly head on into bottom grid (or any grid).

Traditional RULE on most servers since 2003:

STEP #1.) Kick/BAN the retard responsible.
STEP #2.) Proceed to scuttle the ship, allowing a clean re-spawn = thus enabling BOTH turrets operational again.

this just happened: <90 seconds in, player 'Zoorig' slammed SHIP into D8 with ass facing the beach & using his sensationally dismal skill, proceeded to constantly beg all teammates to spot for him while taking 5 minutes to make a single kill. ....from D8.
I announced the SITREP to the team and declared a scuttle. Several expressed relieved content. 'Zoorig' was infuriated, proclaiming that a respawn is 'unfair' and that I was being 'selfish' (LOOOOOOOL :lol: ). News flash kids, scuttling a beached ship w/only 1 effective turret is regular procedure and quite a SELFLESS act, as it requires setting aside time to sink it.

This f*cking genius decides to repair the ship, and argues that my statement of having both turrets active against the enemy is 'stupid'. ......i mean, how did this poor soul's parents even manage to breed? Maybe his Dad peed inside of his Mom first. Not his fault eh....

I emphasized that closer proximity to the Beach allows enough view through fog to memorize DEFGUN placements + deal with enemy Tanks. The child prodigy 'Zoorig' insists this type of undertaking is -and i quote- 'impossible!' ( :lol: :lol: :lol: )

And a few moments later.... *poof*, I am kicked from the server. For abiding the sacrosanct protocol of 16 years strong and taking my time to do what is right for the team, I am kicked.

THREE (3) Questions=

#1.) Why wasn't the retard responsible for intentionally (and admitting it) beaching the ship, KICKED?
#2.) Why was the individual undertaking the necessary steps in re-positioning the STRONGEST UNIT on the map, KICKED?
#3.) Are the ADMIN not familiar with this 16 yr old protocol?

....what is the f*cking deal here boys?
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Re: OMAHA - Intentional BEACHED SHIP Protocol

Postby TheVicar » Wed Nov 13, 2019 5:21 am

He was kicked by an admin from the aX server @4:06am (UK time) on the 12thNovember, Omaha Beach
I was recording other things at the time and noticed this:

His ping was 134, but its not that difficult to sustain a slightly higher ping than 115. Its a local trick

If its the disruptor with a ping of 115 who fakes other players' names, then its only taken him a year to work out how to maintain it higher - at a non-fluctuating rate. Just downloading porn in the background cant keep your ping up for long enough. That wont work

Bless 115,
or it could be a different f**knugget

....Comments covered by
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Re: OMAHA - Intentional BEACHED SHIP Protocol

Postby MURPHY » Fri Nov 15, 2019 3:41 pm

Thank you for the archived recording Vicar. Excellent memory for locating that catch.

curious why somebody tossed me out with the bathwater though, perhaps my naughty potty-mouth. At least there was an authority figure drifting around in the reeds. I still would like this thread to encourage input from others on the determined protocol for correcting the actions of lobotomized morons.
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Re: OMAHA - Intentional BEACHED SHIP Protocol

Postby Shadowdogkgb » Wed Dec 25, 2019 12:17 am

With no admins there are no rules. We can bitch and report about it all day long but nothing will ever happen. Page after page of abuse reports. Zero response or action. There is only ONE admin left, Robert, and he plays very little. A couple rounds on the weekends, sometimes during the week. He'll kick people here and there for little shit. He banned a couple people. But unless it happens while he's on at the time nothing happens. He doesn't read the forums like George or Padjo did. As soon as he leaves the ass fucking starts all over again. So it is.
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