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Dziadson ban request (for friend)

So you have been a bad boy.

Dziadson ban request (for friend)

Postby SSlayer » Sat Feb 01, 2020 11:00 pm

My friend wanted me to write an unban request for him, because he cannot register to that forum due to technical problems. His in-game nickname is Dziadson.

Hello there,
I don’t know why I couldn’t find an register button so I’m writing from via friend’s account.
A couple of days ago I accidently used land mine instead of using a wrench to repair a plane, while standing on it's wing. I missclicked and the plane where my friend and the other guy were, blown up, because we all wanted to travel by standing on the wing, and the plane needed repair. If you were so kind to unban me because I really like to play on this server, especially with my friend. He was inside the plane, the other guy was on the wing, with me, and thats why I received -6 points for accidently putting the mine on, instead of repair (missclick :( )
Nick: Dziadson
Time: approx 15-17.01.2020
I’ve read the rules and Im willing to follow it with pleasure
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