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Unban request

So you have been a bad boy.

Unban request

Postby McTavish89 » Tue Mar 12, 2019 1:40 pm

Hello! My nickname in the game is Witcher89. A few month ago on October 2018 I install this game on my PC at my parant's house so I can play from there when I got home for the holidays, but since then I can't join the server. I actually have never have a chance to play on the server since the installation of the game. Everytime I try it kicks me. I also play on my laptop with the nickname BladeNakamura. I am a regular player and I have only trouble to join the server only when I play on my PC with the nickname Witcher89. Is there a reason I am ban to play with that nickname? Btw I don't use legal copy of the game, I just use random key generator when I do installations. If you ask why I play with differant names this is because sometimes I want to play with my father if he is at home and since he can't join the server with this nickname we play on other servers. Please can you unban Witcher89? :?:

PS: I read the rules of the server and I don't think I violated any of them. As I said I am a regular player with the nickname BladeNakamura and I play with no problem on the server.
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