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unban Graizer

So you have been a bad boy.

Re: unban Graizer

Postby iCQ » Fri Oct 05, 2018 7:45 pm

Ey vicar :-) miss u in the game :-D

And i agree... actually 115 not gone insane... he went overboard! Totally wrecked his own gameplay also. Last night i saw him in apc sitting for 15 minutes to block the sexton. Sorry i couldnt hold my laugh and told him "man you are boring" and i drove away in my jeep towards the real action. I shouldnt laugh.. because its sad to see these mentally disturbed roam freely without "proper help".

The guy in the sexton 'mr.Penis' (lol, whats in a name) went for a brake im sure. After i drove off luftwaffles 115 left the game without a word. It took another 10 minutes bfor penis started to play/aim the sexton again.

And to the end result Penis ended up that round with silver medal so with a bit of patience he had a GG anyway! :P

I went to be a sniper and spotted for Penis... i just avoid any "spawn team killing"... yes sure, still such guys can completely ruin your whole map/round! But not for me... i really dont give a "sh1t" if you act like a retard. Guess who gets the girls in the end :ugeek:

But if u just ignore and, sometimes literally, walk away... they might follow you but hey... have fun acting like a dog! :roll:

His modus-operandi is at the moment "team sabotage". Not a "teamkiller". As he knows that will get him auto banned.

His ping was between 117ms and 124ms the whole time. He used nickname "luftwaffles".

Im traveling atm so thats it for now..


Take care all and have fun,

(special greets to George)
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Re: unban Graizer

Postby TheVicar » Sat Oct 06, 2018 3:12 am

TheVicar's and TheChurch's safe blessings to you on your travels ICQ

One thing is for sure

When both in-game aX'42 and research is in full flow, 115 has problems.

He doesn't know where to disrupt. He becomes confused:-> Base spawn or research disruption? Everyone knows that there'll always be random players TK'ing and messing around with RWB's (Real War B******s) in-game. But 115 is clearly working alone

As for =aXrs=ers, I can only speak for myself. We are all equal when researching. Axis/Allied/KDR/latency of ping/web-ranking, these things mean nothing when you are in that research mindset. But I hope the rest of the squad, and all newcomers, will continue to increase our in-game "research" efficiency, by practicing on LAN and on different empty online servers, before executing new technologies during in-game play. The hardcore TK'ers and "Team Saboteurs" then become more visible

Efficiency is better for everyone

covert LAN =aXrs= research example:

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