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Unban Request

So you have been a bad boy.

Unban Request

Postby RobVanDam » Sun Apr 22, 2018 9:29 am

Hi everyone in the forum, I am here to request an unban to play again in your server.
The cause of my ban was that I attacked twice the american main base in Guadalcanal map, I targeted some vehicles and as I remember the second time I didn´t kill anybody, just made a plane explode. The reason of this is because someone was attacking me at main, I was playing japanese side and I was waiting for some planes at main. It piss me off when someone doesn´t respect the rules, so sadly I decided to do the same and I got the ban. Its really hard to play when there is no admin to help rules being followed, we have a lot of players that disturb playing and they don´t have their respective sanction. I know that this is not an argument to act like I did, but I request for this unban and promise to don´t do it again but I also request more vigilance at the server. Thanks for reading admin.

Nickname: (HH)RöbVánDàmRVD!¦NWA¦¹
Date: Thursday night - Friday midnight (12:00 am to 2:30am aprox)
Map: Guadalcanal
Yes I have read the rules and I will follow them.

Thanks for keeping this alive.
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Re: Unban Request

Postby iCQ » Wed May 02, 2018 8:24 pm

Hoi Rob,

Volgens mij kan je niet ge-unbanned worden.. het is een kwestie van de regels volgen of niet... jammer.. en suc6!
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