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Odin616 banned for accidentally tk-ing with artillery.

So you have been a bad boy.

Odin616 banned for accidentally tk-ing with artillery.

Postby Brahma3 » Fri Oct 09, 2020 8:29 am

Your nick in game: Odin616

Approximate date/time and map when you got banned Friday Oct 9th @ 12:15 am

What did you wrong: I was bombarding a bunker by a flag with artillery that was just taken by the enemy & they were spawning out of it like crazy moving for our main base with all of our tanks, etc when first one person wandered into my "killzone" & was killed by the splash damage which I did apologize for & then about a min or so later someone else did the same thing & then I got banned...I was using artillery...it is to be expected that there will be some unwanted casualty's once in a while it's not as if I was trying to kill team members...I was trying to bombard the base the enemy where swarming out of...TK-ing is NOT my thing...smoking pot & gaming out in the middle of the night is :lol:

Confirmation that you've read the rules and you will follow them from now on: "No cheating, glitching or bugging
There's no justifiable reason to intentionally teamkill
Attacking an uncapturable enemy base is not allowed. Basesniping is not an exception.
Active AA and artillery can be attacked from air even when in uncap base.
Beach flags on Omaha Beach and Iwo Jima are not considered to be uncapturable bases.
Don't steal vehicles from enemy base.
Don't use vehicles as taxi to get to planes or tanks faster.
Please don't spam chat and don't repeat radio commands unless really necessary.
Please avoid excessive swearing, racist comments or any other disturbing and/or annoying behaviour.
If you're asked to change your nickname, do so.
Evading a ban will lead to a permban."

I have read this in the past & again I am here only to play...NOT tk.
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